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Amsterdam, Goodbye for Now

Waiting for the Plane
Sun 05.15.11 – Mobilism 2011 was a great conference, not only were all the sessions quality, but all the folks I met were smart and thinking about as well as doing some cool things in the web and mobile web space. Big thanks to PPK, Krijn Hoetmer, and Stephen Hay for all of their vision & organizational abilities!
It was also great to be back in Amsterdam after 18 years away, even if for only 4 days, as the city has changed for the better and it was lovely to see a small slice of it. I will definitely come back.

Mobilism 2011: Photos at the Conf and on Saturday

Amsterdam, Canal-side
Jon Arnes! Dinner on Thursday Night The Indonesian Combo Plate Talking at Felix Meritis Jessica, Dana, and Joni Cafe Hoppe, Anno 1670 Stephen Hay and Martin Sutherland Ijveer 51, Ferry to NSDM Fabulous Fish & Fabric Sculpture / Windsock at the NDSM Werf Cycling to Het Twiste with Family Sutherland Windmill near Het Twiste Drinks with Jay, Joni, and Brian Fooling Around with Google Goggles at Dinner

Sat 05.14.11 – Here are a few of the photos taken during and after the sessions of Mobilism 2011, as well as on Saturday. Both Thursday and Friday, I had the opportunity go out for delicious dinners with other speakers and friends. On Thursday, we went to Kantjil & de Tijger, a dutch-indonesian fustion place on Spuistraat, and on Friday a super delicious Italian slow food restaurant, Pianeta Terra on Beulingstraat. After dinner on Friday, we went over to Cafe Hoppe (Anno 1670) for drinks and talk.
On Saturday, after all of Mobilism was over, I rented a bike from the hotel, took the ferry to the NDSM werf and met up with Martin & Abi Sutherland and their family for a late lunch at the fun & funky Cafe Noorderlicht and then a lovely bike ride up to Het Twiske, as well as a tour of the book cases. As a proud reader & book addict, I too, one day endeavor to have a two wall living room / book case showroom. Even more important, Abi gave me a few good book recommendations.
On Saturday evening, after a bike sprint back to Amsterdam and a walking sprint to the Ouid-Zuid, I met up with Brian LeRoux, Joni Rustulka, and her brother Jay. We had dinner at an Eritrean/Ethiopian restaurant that had the best tasting Ethiopian food I have ever eaten (not usually a fan) and a lot of laughs. All was well, until 2am, when the food decided it didn’t like me. Oops.
All photos at Mobilism or afterwards taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

In Amsterdam for Mobilism!

View of Singel Straat & Canal from the window of Brasserie Luden
Stephen Hay, Brian Rieger, and Lyza Gardner View of Amsterdam from the top floor of Felix Meritis Descending the stairs at Felix Meritis Stephanie and Jessica on the boat Brian and Antony Mobilism Speakers Dinner on a canal boat Jared leaning out to take photos Lovely clock tower Big lovely modern buidling near the cruise ship docks Luke at the fabulously over the top lounge in the hotel
Web 05.11.11 – Photos in Amsterdam by Ms. Jen taken with her Nokia N8. I arrived in Amsterdam at 9:30am after not sleeping on the plane at all, so the first day before Mobilism was spent in a fun jet lag / sleep deprivation haze. After a small nap at the hotel, I took myself off to Brasserie Luden for lunch, then I walked down the canals through the western canal district of Amsterdam. Around 4pm, I found Brian Rieger and joined him, Stephen Hay, Stephanie Rieger, Lyza Gardener, and Peter-Paul Koch (PPK) at the cafe of Felix Meritis.
The evening was a fun speaker dinner boat cruise of the canals of Amsterdam as well as the Ij and Amstel rivers. It was lovely to see Amsterdam from the water and to be able to socialize leisurely with other mobile folk. The best part is we went by the big cruise ship docks to pick up Steve Souder and Andrea Trasatti half way through the cruise. While others went off after 11pm to get a drink and talk some more, the wall of NO SLEEP hit me hard and I went off to bed.
Great first day of Pre-Mobilism in Amsterdam.