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Seal Beach Surf and Shake

Wed 12.09.09 – The surf swell that hit Hawaii’s north shores early this week has migrated to California beaches today and will be bigger tomorrow. I went out this morning to try and take photos/video, but as you can see, no one should allow me to video before my morning caffeine… ;o)
In case you are wondering, I have had kinetic Essential Tremor since I was 13 and I rarely notice my hands shaking but others do and so does my video camera. Oops.

NaBloPoMo 2009, Or November is The Month

NaBloPoMo is back!
November is the original and annual National Blog Posting Month and if you have been making excuses to yourself all year that you would like to get back in the swing of blog posting – here it is starting tomorrow only for 30 days – a good challenge.
For the last two years I have been on the 365 Blog Challenge to post every day, of which most of my posts end up being mobile photo blogged (mo-pho-blo), and on the months that I participate in NaBloPoMo I also attempt to post a text blog post every day.
Tomorrow I am going to start on the November NaBloPoMo and post a text/writing blog post every day for the month. Join me and all the others who are participating in NaBloPoMo and it doesn’t matter if you post text every day or a photo or a video or a combo of your choice, it is good fun!
Thanks to Mrs. Kennedy for thinking NaBloPoMo up and organizing it.

Tomorrow is Beautiful

The month of August was NaBloPoMo’s Tomorrow month and September will be NaBloPoMo’s Beautiful month.
While I was not so great about about blogging daily about tomorrow or the future, I can post a photo of beauty or write on the beautiful daily for September.
September starts Fire Season, a season of dry, brown land. A season of heat and smog. A season of fire and destruction of the landscape. A season of which beauty can be wrenched from?


Photo taken with Ms. Jen’s Nokia N95.