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The Final Stretch

Eden sent an email to NaBloPoMo 2007 participants today encouraging us to keep blogging strong to the finish line at the end of the week. I appreciate the encouragement, but I have utterly failed to post daily here at Black Phoebe :: Ms. Jen, due to traveling and a lack of wifi and/or mobile connection. I wanted to, the spirit was willing but the connections and flesh were weak.
Yes, I could have used my US sim chip to blog short notes to this space every night from my phone’s Lifeblog (my UK sim chip does not have the needed email/ISP data plan that Lifeblog requires), but either tiredness or cheapness got the better of me most nights.
My biggest problem with blogging is that I always compose whole posts in my head when I am miles away from my computer and then when I get back and have the time to write it all out, edit, rewrite, and then publish the post, I am too tired or have lost the train of thought or…
Having a Nokia mobile camera phone with internet connection the last three years has greatly helped me to keep my computer from being the black hole of digital photos, as now I can post my photos to this blog or flickr when I take them, but my brain is still a black hole of writing / text / opinion posts. Either I need voice recognition software that will translate recorded ideas into text that then can be posted or I need a direct brain to blog link.
I even have a folder on my desktop with posts that are started but not finished, idea rough drafts, and whole written pieces that need revision before posting. I had hopped to use the November NaBloPoMo challenge to move those posts and ideas out of the folder and on to this space. Sigh.
Well, there is always December and I still owe y’all a bunch of photos from the last 11 days of traveling around Ireland and England. Yeah, that is what I will do on the 10 hour plane ride on Wednesday back to LA, I will edit photos and write posts, if I can wrangle a seat with a power port…

NaBloPoMo and Traveling are Not Necessarily Compatible

Conclusion from Day 18 of NaBloPoMo 2007 and Ms. Jen’s blog : daily text posting whilst traveling is not necessarily compatible without spending too much on international data on one’s mobile and/or trying to find wifi and the time to blog whilst visiting and exploring. Right now, we here at Black Phoebe are in a bit of a fail mode.
The photos are relatively easy but the text blogging, not so much. This whole thing is causing me more stress than necessary. The worst part is that I have quite a few blog posts I would like to write, but by the time I get to my computer late at night the last thing I want to do is write on mobile, or development, or life, or the world, or even possibly the universe, or the political / philosophical implications thereof. Or the recent daily impassioned post I have building in my head about my hate / hate relationship with PHP, PEAR, and the Flickr API. Or even what I did that day in travel-land.
Bah. So, rather than continue my blogging self-flagellation party here, I am now going to turn off the computer to research what we are going to do in the next few days in Ireland, where we should go, and possibly where we should stay. Otherwise, Mom and I will be driving around the M-50 in circles.

Why I Love NabloPoMo and Other Bits

Donna's New Peek-a-Pooh

Here are a few tidbits from a late Thursday evening in London on the eve of going to Dublin for graduation:
1) Why I love National Blog Posting Month #2… Quite a few of my very favorite bloggers who usually blog very irregularly are participating this month. I have been looking forward to my RSS reader queue for the daily tidbits from the following:
Heather Powazek Champ : Words
Ugly Green Chair
Maybe when NaBloPoMo is over Mrs. Kennedy, Heather, Whitney, and Jessica will post more frequently. Now if we could have only convinced The Adnostic and Hadashi to do NaBloPoMo this month!
2) I am too tired to post my photos from today here. I will blog them later. My Mom arrived in London from LA today and very early tomorrow morning we depart for Dublin. Tomorrow is graduation for moi at Trinity.
3) After Ireland, Mom and I were planning to go to Spain, but I canceled the tickets to Spain tonight. We went to dinner with Donna from WOM World this evening and I was gushing about my favorite medieval English architecture to my Mom and Donna, when Mom suggested that we ditch Spain for a tour of Southern England next week.
Donna departed after dinner, Mom and I talked about it some more and I canceled our tickets to Malaga and hired a car for England instead. Avebury, Salisbury, and Wales, here we come…
4) This evening I gave away the last of the seven Peek-a-Poohs that I brought with me. Donna’s Nokia N95 is now the proud wearer of a purple Libra Peek-a-Pooh.

NaBloPoMo Day 11

Ok, so I am not doing so well on the daily blog post business… I had vowed I would give y’all text and photos in separate posts each day. Late last night I got the photos up and was too tired to write words about my great, fun day in Oxfordshire. Here I am today feeling repentant…
Oh well. Y’all forgive me, right? ;o)
Today I had loose plans that due to various travel schedules have not resolved themselves, now I have a free day in London. What to do? What to do?
My plans for the next few days until the Future of Mobile on Wed. and my Mom arriving on Thurs., is to visit with friends and see London during the day, and then work on various bits in the evenings. With the on set of darkness around 4:30 or 5pm, I need to hop to it and not be sitting in bed at 11:37am on a Sunday morning….
Hopping to it!

A Working Day

I have spent all day today digging away in the Flash and PHP Salt Mines. I am very tired but am hours away from being done. I am now drinking tea in a attempt to revive myself, so I can keep going.
I had lots of thoughts earlier today for NaBloPoMo posts but now they have all escaped my head. Hopefully tomorrow will be more fruitful.
Now back to the the salt mines…

Can I Post to MT4 from my Nokia N95’s Browser?

No. I keep trying, but no, I can’t.
Why? I can only get as far as the above title before Movable Type’s AJAX conspires against my Nokia N95’s browser. I have tried to use the file uploader, which I was able to use from my phone’s browser with MT 3.4, but in MT 4 the file uploader uses Lightbox and I can’t toggle around in it enough to press “upload” on my phone. And for whatever reason, in the mobile browser, I am unable to fill any text into the “body” of the post. Frustrating. I could do all of this from my Nokia N80 and the N95 with MT 3.4, but not with Movable Type 4.0.
Bah. Desktop/Laptop-centric blogging software. Bah.
What ever happened to Progressive Enhancement and Unobtrusive AJAX? Have Steve, Jeremy, and other standardistas been preaching to the wind? I should hope not. Web based software and applications should be device agnostic and the site should work whether the device has javascript or not.
Why try and why care? In less than 5 days, I get on a plane for Europe for the great “Ditch Thanksgiving 2007 Tour” or the “Let’s cash in frequent flyer miles go to London, Ireland, and Spain for 3 weeks Tour”. Whilst I am gone, I don’t want to pay AT&T my arm and Scruffy’s leg for international data fees to post photos and text to this blog, so I will be using my UK Vodafone sim chip with Pay As You Go that I have overly topped up. Only problem is that sometime in the last year, since I was last last ( previous to the last time) in the UK, Vodafone changed their PAYG plan and it is really really hard to mobile blog with the non-contract PAYG.
When I was in the UK for various events in 2006, I was able to to use about £20 per week on PAYG to send my photos as MMS’s to my Flickr account, Flickr would then send them on to my blog. At the beginning of Ocober, when I was in London for FOWA 2007, I found that it appeared that I sent photos to Flickr via MMS, my N95 confirmed the photo was sent, and later when I would check there would be no photo on Flickr. Vodafone UK’s MMS was not interacting with Flickr.
When I attempted to use Lifeblog, it was a no go as Lifeblog uses email/ISP data to send and with a PAYG account one does not get email/ISP data. I then tried to use Flickr’s mobile uploader, but that did not work as it wanted to go through the MMS to send the photo. ShoZu was not working for me at all while in London and upon reading ShoZu’s forum’s it is not enough to change your Access Point, you have to reactivate for each APN.
The best part is that Vodafone PAYG’s data plans, both 3G & WAP, have Flickr blocked as adult / unappropriate content. The whole week I was in the UK this Oct, I tried to get Vodafone to unblock it to no avail.
Vodafone, you may have the best 3G connections in the UK and Ireland, but you live in the dark ages. Flickr should not be blocked, nor should my MMS. If I pay you for a sim chip and top up, let me use the PAYG £s however I want. Don’t trottle me. Give me 3G unblocked, give me MMS, give me email/ISP. I will pay for it, give it to me.
I want to be able to use my Nokia to blog as I go, not wait until I get back to my computer to bluetooth the photos to my MacBook Pro and then load them up to Movable Type 4, if I have a wifi connection (the UK yes, Ireland & Spain most likely no). Thus, my experiments this week with trying to post directly from my phone’s browser to my MT4 installation. If it works here, it should work in the UK, Ireland, and Spain. Except it isn’t working here due to the MT4 obtrusive, non-progressive javascript.

NaBloPoMo 2007 Starts Today

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Get your engines started, here we go, National Blog Posting Month!!!!!
For the next 30 days, I will be posting not just mobile blogged photos everyday, but also text / writing posts everyday. I have tons of things that I have been meaning to write for you all in a folder on my desktop, but I never seem to allow myself to actually blog it due to time restrictions and the distractions of life. Well, time restrictions and deadlines will have to line up 2nd to blogging this month.
From Nov. 16th to the 28th, it may be a challenge for me to get something here everyday on time, as I will be traveling in Ireland and Spain with spotty to no internet connection, so with the help of my trusty Nokia N95 on those days I will be blogging from my mobile.
Been having trouble posting to your blog with any regularity? Well, join us. Even if you can only post a photo a day or a few sentences, giving 10 – 30 minutes a day to blogging will make it easier to blog, you a better writer or photographer or podcaster or video-ist or artist or…. Do it!
Thanks to Mrs. Kennedy for organizing NaBloPoMo!