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Note to Self…

Sorry folks, due to general busy-ness and completing tasks on my To Do list today, I did not take any photos to moblog here. I did see lovely things whilst out walking Scruffy this morning but didn’t photograph them. An unintentional day off from photography.
I did check a bunch of things off my weekly to do list. Best of all, I am *finally* back in the proper time zone and caught up on my sleep.
Note to self: Correct about page, add contact info, and sort out portfolio site before week’s end.

How to Post to a Movable Type 4 Blog from Nokia Share Online 3.0 2.0

Since Charlie asked, I will reply…
Here is the how to steps that I took to be able to post / moblog (mobile blog) from my Nokia N-Series phone (in this case an N95) with Nokia Share Online 3.0 2.0 to this Movable Type 4.1 blog (MTOS 4.1):
1) First off, you will need to have your login user name and the associated Atom / Web Services password for that user name*. How to find this? When you are logged into your MT blog, look up in the top right corner for Hi “username”, click on this link, it will take you to your “Edit Profile” screen. Scroll to the bottom under “Preferences”, look for the last form box entitled “Web Services Password”, click on Reveal. Copy this password.
2) Second off, you will need to know the URL to your MT install’s atom script, it usually will be:
3) Have your Nseries Nokia phone/mobile in hand, now is time to configure the Nokia Share Online on the phone. Click on the Main Menu button. Go to Applications folder and click on “Share Online”. Click on Options. Click on “Add New Provider”.
4) Provider Name: (whatever is best for you to remember) – I used “bpc” for
Protocol: Atom (if using MT or Word Press or Blogger, then Atom is your protocol)
Web Address: This is where you put in the URL for your Atom script.
Once all of this is filled in, click on “back”, and it will take you to the next screen. If it doesn’t, then click on new account & choose the provider you just set up.
4) Here is the fun bit, start filling in the details:
Service Provider: Click on the name of the Provider you just set up. Then click on OK, it will take you to the next screen:
Account Name: I used the same name as as the Service Provider I just set up or you can say MT
User Name: your MT username from step #1
Password: your MT Web Services Password / Atom Password Reveal from step #1
Image Posting Size: The fun really begins here… If you pick Original size it will be the size that your NSeries phone takes the photos at, if 5 megapixel then YIKES~. Pick small or medium if your blog readers are coming at screen resolutions of less than 2600 x 1800 (which is about 99.99% of the internet). Think of your readers’ experience, not everyone has a big screen nor do they have really fast broadband. Also, if you are not on an unlimited data plan then you will most likely want to choose medium (1024×768 in the N95’s case, still too big) or small (640×480 in the N95’s case, just the right size for this blog), unless you like really expensive mobile bills. I used the Edit function in the onboard Gallery app to resize my images to 640×480 for posting the most recent photo.
5) Save the above. Nokia Share Online will most likely try to activate. If you are me, it will not activate and get cranky. If it doesn’t and activates right away, then you rock. If not, log out, turn off the phone/mobile. Reboot/turn it back on. Go back to the Main Menu, click on Applications, click on “Share Online”, move the select over the MT account you just set up, and click on “Options”, in Options click on “Update from Server”. At this point or maybe if you are me, then within 18 hours, Nokia Share Online will decide to make friends with your Movable Type blog and post photos & text to it. If it can’t activate or update server, check back tomorrow and it should have pulled its little head out of its crevices and will be working.
6) Now post away… If you try to moblog a photo from the “Share Online” world icon in the camera app of your Nokia Nseries phone/mobile, you will find that you can’t edit the Title or add a description and only the photo with the date set will be posted to your blog. But if you take the photo and then go to the Main Menu -> Applications folder -> Share Online -> click on the service provider you want to post to (in my case “BPC”, my MT blog) and then click on Options -> click on “New Post”, then you will be able to add your own Title, Description, and then insert whatever Audio, Image, or Video you wish to post. After finishing all the bits, click on -> Options -> Post to Web.
Now time to experiment. Have fun.
* I have two username accounts for my blogging, “Black Phoebe :: Ms. Jen” is me posting from the web browser interface / admin of my Movable Type install and “Ms. Jen Moblogs” is only posts that I send from my Nokia camera phone to this blog directly. I do this to indicate to the reader what is a regular blog post and what is a moblogged post (posted from my mobile).
** If you are not a Movable Type peep, but prefer Word Press or Blogger or… and still want to moblog with Lifeblog*** or Nokia Share Online, this wikipedia article gives all of the atom URLs for various blogging services so you can configure your phone to moblog. If the Lifeblog on your Nokia Nseries phone is still working, then the above Atom username & web services password & atom script URL will work to set up to post from your phone’s Lifeblog to your blog.
*** Michele Neylon has a great tutorial on how to post from your Nokia Nseries mobile’s Lifeblog to your Movable Type 4 blog.
The March Madness 2008 Moblogging Saga (i.e. Lifeblog vs. Nokia Share Online):
1. The Big Switch Over, or Back to My Nokia N95
2. 03/22/2008
3. Dear Nokia, Time for some real UX testing…
4. How to Post to a Movable Type 4 Blog from Nokia Share Online 3.0
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Dear Nokia, Time for some real UX testing…

Two problems with Nokia’s Share Online 3.0, one can’t edit the title nor can one add a description before posting the photo to the web service / blog.
I was able to edit, resize, and rename the full sized photo of my great aunt Babe’s bougainvillea bush from the Gallery on my Nokia N95, but once I opened Share Online it just sent the photo with the date that I sent it as the title, not the renamed photo name as the title. And then there is no description…
Ok, Nokia, no offense, but what the F*(k were you thinking to discontinue and disable Lifeblog when it was a fairly full featured mobile blogging app and replace it with a badly featured and thought out “share” app? Hello, maybe you should have put both out there and asked your customers which they preferred to use…
Hello… Helloo…. heeellllloooooo…. Are y’all awake up there in Espoo? Did you do any User Experience research with actual customers and power users rather than in house testers? Did you contact any real live mobile bloggers during the testing phase to see how we need an mobile blogging app to work with our photo / blogging flow? Heeeeeeeelllllllllooooooo…..
p.s. I added the text and renamed the title of this post from the web browser interface, not from the phone.
p.p.s. Listening to Motley Crue while I write cranky blog posts.
p.p.s.s. I plan on cracking open the box that I packed the N82 back up in to see if I can get the N82’s working Lifeblog mobile app off of it and transfer the working Lifeblog sis to my N95 before shipping the N82 back to WOM World.
p.p.p.s.s. Next time I talk about updating one of my Nseries phones, stop me. Remind me that the Nokia Updater bricked my N80 and now has made my beloved Lifeblog inoperable. Huh… not trusting the transmissions from the mothership… huh…
The March Madness 2008 Moblogging Saga (i.e. Lifeblog vs. Nokia Share Online):
1. The Big Switch Over, or Back to My Nokia N95
2. 03/22/2008
3. Dear Nokia, Time for some real UX testing…
4. How to Post to a Movable Type 4 Blog from Nokia Share Online 3.0
5. Scruffy’s Clover Crown
6. Belle Running>

What I Did With My Evening or Going Mobile

I worked on refining the design of this website and have started making a Mobile version of the site.
Yep, a .mobi – view on your mobile / cell phone, version of the website. It is almost there, when I have it ready all the way, I will ask for help in testing it on various cell / mobile phone browsers.
I also added the Nokia Urbanista Diaries widget to the sidebar on the blog and as a center piece on the entrance page to the website. If you would like to follow along by adding the widget on your blog or website, here is the widget code to copy and paste onto your site:

<div id="flashcontent"><strong>In order to view the Nokia N82:
The urbanista diaries you need JavaScript and Flash Player 8+ support</strong></div>
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">var so = new SWFObject('',
'Nokia N82: The urbanista diaries', '300', '250', '8', '#ffffff');so.addParam('wmode', 'transparent');
so.addParam('flashVars', 'bloggerID=4&copy=');

Or you can download the widget from the Nokia Nseries site yourself.

Dear Feed Readers – The Win-Win Solution

Hello to all of my lovely regular readers who read this blog on a feed reader,
I have listened to your concerns and have weighed them with mine. Compliments of a dream at 3 something a.m. this morning, I have a win-win solution!
The Fix for my Faithful & Regular Readers who want a Full Feed with text & photos that is formatted nicely:
1) I have made a private full feed for you to subscribe to.
2) Please email me at blackphoebe at gmail dot com and I will send you the URL for the private feed. Also, let me know your blog URL, so I can subscribe to you as well!
3) You get to consume the feed how it best pleases you and my blood pressure does not rise terribly when I look at Technorati. Everyone is happy.
4) If you email me, get the new feed URL, and you don’t see the photos, please email me again with the name of the feed reader you are using so I can troubleshoot what the problem is. Right now the private full feed is working in Google Reader, Sage, Flock, and NetNewsWire, but the photos are not showing up in BlogLines of which I am going to get a fix for.
As of this Thursday, I will be setting all the public feeds on this website to excerpt only to discourage content scraping by a pack of unscrupulous jackass travel blogs. Given that I will spend most of the next two months on the road and I want to happily blog along the way, it behooves me to make a fix now.
Thanks for giving me your input and I look forward to hearing from you!
Update: The full private feed is now working with images in Bloglines.
Bloglines subscribers: When you input this feed, please set it to private, thanks!

Feed Readers, Please Read!

I know that at least 1/2 if not 2/3rds of my regular readers here use a feed reader to view this blog. Or so says my log files.
Hello folks who read this blog via an RSS, RDF, or Atom feed! Please read the following, click through to the actual post and comment. I have enabled anonymous comments so that I can have your input.
I love you. Thanks for being faithful. I have been trying through the upgrade to Movable Type 4.0 to make sure that y’all have everything you need to read the posts on this blog. Now I would like a vote…
I appreciate how a feed reader makes life easier, but I would like to change my feeds to excerpts only with a link to the full post. Why?
1) Gesault: I love the merging of image / design / text / code of the internet. Black Phoebe :: Ms. Jen is conceived as a loving attempt to combine text, my mobile photography, with my web design. When viewed through a feed reader, unless the css is fully rendered, you are only getting a small portion of the whole.
I look forward to see how folks have combined imagery and design with there content. I generally use a feed reader to let me know when an update has happened then I connect to the actual post so I can see it in its native environment rather than the white and grey of my feed reader.
Do you really like your blog reading in the sterile environment of a feed reader or do you like to see what the blogger has for the whole visual / textual package? Or are many of the blogs on your reading list so poorly designed that the feed reader is a sight for traumatized eyes?
2) Parasites: I have been having a problem lately with unscrupulous humans or bots scraping my full feeds and using my content in their blogs without any proper credit or citation.
I would like to nip this in the bud by only providing an excerpt rather than a full feed. But first I would like to elicit the opinion of my regular readers…
3) Due to image stealing I have put further restrictions on how my images can be used in my feeds via anti-hotlinking .htaccess scripts. I am sorry to my readers who view this in Google Reader, as the images are not coming through at all. On those posts, please click through to see the image.
Vote with your comments and let me know… Do you want a full feed or an excerpt that you click through to is ok?
I would like to weigh your votes with my own desire to have this blog viewed in its native format as well as discourage lazy shits who steal. Let me know… ;o)