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Fresh Air : White Stripes

Fresh Air : White Stripes
I have been known to find the White Stripes boring. Yes, both live and on cd. Heresy, I know.
Either SXSW 2000 or 2001, The White Stripes played an afternoon party and lots of folk raved them up and I watched them play nonplussed. Then I looked for another margarita. When all the critics like a band, I automatically revert into skeptical mode. I have been in skeptical mode since that showcase.
I dropped my guard a bit with the release of Loretta Lynn’s excellent Van Lear Rose, of which Jack White produced, played and sang on.
Today, Jack White further surprised me with an excellent interview on Terry Gross‘ Fresh Air. Yes, I have raved up Terry in the past and her interviewing skills are cream of the crop. Today she drew out the best in Jack and Meg. The interview got me passed my skepticism and I just might check out the new White Stripes.


Wed. 06.08.05 – As seen in front of a open garage on Almond St. today in Orange.

The Exhaustion Blahs

Three weeks ago I came down with a scratchy, hoarse voice and a dry cough. I slept a lot, drank lots of liquids and tried to stay away from smokers.
My voice is back to normal, I only cough after being around smoke, but I am still exhausted. Exhausted to the point of not getting much done.
I had lots of grand plans for this weekend and very few of them materialized beyond 5 minutes. Now I want to go back to bed. Blah.

“Mexico may be corrupt, but at least they are honest about it. You don’t see Presidente Fox running around claiming to be moral or that he is doing God’s work.” – my roommate on why she is moving to Tijuana if Bush wins.
Ohio is still open. There is still time. One does not need to wonder about an southern apartment just yet.
There is also still time for California, Oregon and Washington to succeed from the US… and then we can charge really high tariffs to the US on cheap Wal-Mart goods from China that come through our ports to fund our liberal social programs.
Lauren and I are currently composing our own map of the US. The West Coast and Northeast and Rust Belt would break off, Austin would be like West Berlin during the Cold War. The Mid-West and South can go their own way.