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Twilight: A Very New Moon, Mercury, and Oil Platforms

The Moon and Mercury at Twilight : Nokia Lumia 920 The Moon and Mercury at Twilight : Nokia 808 PureView

Photos taken by Ms. Jen this evening at twilight at Huntington Beach, near Tower 22, with her Nokia Lumia 920 (on the left) and her Nokia 808 PureView (on the right).

Mon 02.11.13 – Hello, February 11th. It has been two years. Platforms have been burnt to a crisp, the Arab Spring is still struggling valiantly to free itself from authoritarian rulers, and I am still trying to push the boundaries of camera phone photography.
As for the photos above, I have been hoping to get photos of this past weekend’s Mars and Mercury conjunction on the western horizon just after sunset, but due to Friday’s rain storm we have had clouds on the horizon for the last few days. Today was the first truly clear day and at 5:30pm I got in the car to drive as quickly as possible to a good vantage point with a clear view of the western horizon.
While I could not see Mars, I did see the brand new crescent Moon and Mercury just below it to the left. I did not have my camera phone tripod mount with me, so instead of using the tripod to steady the camera phones as I took these photos with the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Nokia 808 PureView, I wedged them into a gap in the railing over the south end of the Huntington Cliffs to get a more stable photo and a crisp crescent moon.
These photos are a part of my loose on-going series of mild comparisons between the Lumia 920 and the 808 PureView. Tonight was not a true comparison, as the 808 was set to full resolution and infinity focus in creative mode, while the Lumia was set to Automatic and I have yet to figure out if I can change the focus modes on the 920.
On the horizon where the sky meets the ocean from left to right we have on the far left Eureka the Oil Platform, Elly and Ellen, Edith (all on the left by Catalina Island), in the middle right horizon we have Huntington Beach’s near Emma and Eva the Oil Platforms, and finally on the far right is Seal Beach’s Esther, and then in the very far right horizon the line of lights at the edge of the photos is the Port of LA/LB.
Per usual, the Nokia 808 PureView is an amazing camera phone that can achieve clarity and true to life color even in low light, as the photo on the right is true to the color my eyes saw in the twilight. The Lumia 920 still took a great photo from the clarity side of things, but the color is lurid and a bit too candy-ish to what I really saw at the scene. Both phones did a great job at getting the delicate crescent of the new moon in sharp focus. Bravo!
On a completely different note, peace to Egypt and Syria, may they be free of their shackles.

Thanks to the PureView Club

Big thanks to Marc @PureViewClub for his post on my mobile photos today.
While in the article and comments there was a focus on the list of camera phones that I have on my About page, I will repeat here what I wrote in the comments:

I wouldn’t worry about the list of phones or the amount of time one has been shooting with a camera phone, just get out there and do it. Document your world and share it with us, be it on Flickr, Twitter, FB, your own blog, or wherever.
Make the world a more beautiful place, one photo at a time.

Please be encouraged and keep taking photos with whatever camera you have on hand. Capture your world, whether you share it or not, and make your world a more beautiful place.
Thanks again to the PureViewClub for the write up, y’all rock.

Blooming, Spring in Southern California

Flowering Apricot tree Magnolia Blossom Flowering Apricot tree

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nikon D800.

Sat 02.09.13 – Depending on the plant and the part of the world it is from, Spring in Southern California can start the first week of January and go through mid-April or so. Seasons are very flexible here.
On the 18th of January, my Mom and I went on a photo walk at the Huntington in San Marino and the flowering apricots were just starting to bloom. My Mom thought it was a few weeks early, I wasn’t surprised that they had already started blooming in January.
I decided to make a quick trip up to the Huntington today as I had a hunch that after three weeks the flowering apricots would be almost done and they were. One of the magnolia trees was also almost done flowering.
Here are a few above are a few of the photos I took with my Nikon D800 and a Nikon 85mm f1.8D lens.
Here are a two of the photos I took of the same subjects, flowering apricot and the magnolia blossom, with my Nokia 808 PureView cameraphone on Flickr.

Rabbit Rabbit

Hello February 1, 2013.
Once again, I was all geared up to BLOG DAILY and a wrench or two has been thrown in my path. I have been sick with the flu*, yes the real live infuenza, for the last 8 days and then on Monday my wifi went down and out. Neither problems have been fixed fully at this point. I am still sick & I am still using my Nokia N9 to get a small thin stream of internets.
My big praise for the week is to Open Mobiles. Yes, my Nokia N9 is a true working horse trooper. My Nokia Lumia 920 said no – sorry, can’t, my 808 PureView valiantly tried, and the Nokia N9 just did it. I very much look forward to the the open linux mobile phones to be released this year by Jolla Mobile, Ubuntu, and Firefox.
Tomorrow is my Dad’s 70th birthday. We are going on a bit of an adventure with Grandpa’s ashes (if I can find which box they are in) and then to a lovely birthday dinner. Hopefully, I will have enough energy and will not cough up on everyone.
Tomorrow is also St. Brigid’s Day and Groundhog’s Day!
Happy February to you.
* I was terribly sad to find out that this season’s flu did not have a sexy name & story like the Swine Flu or the Bird Flu or the Hong Kong Flu or the like, but has a very dull name of Influenza A (H3N2) [556] (mostly likely of the blabbity blabbity California or Victoria sub-name blabbity boring we-have-no-storytelling-naming-capacity blabbity blabbity strain). The October 2009 Swine Flu was MUCH MORE SEXY. Because if you are going to be stuck in bed with 103F fever and bored out of your skull, the virii should have a great name and story. kthnxbai