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SXSW – Day 5 – Dinner at Stubb’s

Tues. 03.15.05 – Let the madness begin. After the last SXSW Interactive panel, but before the Bruce Sterling party, I met up with Heidi and Lucky at the Four Seasons and off we went to Stubb’s for the BMI showcase and dinner, where Lisa Johnson joined us. Hannah Pantle was so kind as to give up dinner and drink tickets and then John Pantle told us good stories while we ate.
After dinner, I caught a cab to the final party of SXSW Interactive and the ladies stayed at Stubb’s for Queens of the Stone Age.

MIR – It Works…

The last few days, I have been running through the various technologies, tricks, and tips that I learned about at SXSWi this year and have been pondering if I should start using the sIFR method for better designed banners and headlines, when I noticed that Andy Clarke debuted the MIR (Malarkey Image Replacement) technique today.
I tried both tonight and MIR won for ease of use, cross browser compatibility and the complete lack of evil Flash. Thanks to Andy, I now have a new and improved logo banner for Black Phoebe.

Sad, but true… no Stans…

I just went to download the newest Quicktime so that I could watch the Puppy Film that I downloaded by BitTorrent, when I found out that Apple has a very abbrievated “Country” list at the Quicktime download site.
I wanted to be from Uzbekistan tonight, to no avail. No Tajikistan, no Afghanistan, no Kurdistan… I had to be from Iceland instead. Stymied! Dang!
But they did list Tuvalu… hmmm… no props for Central Asia, but the Central South Pacific gets props? hmmm…

RSS / Atom Feed Readers

Hello to all the Folks who visit Black Phoebe via a RSS or Atom feed reader…
Can you tell me what client / website / software you prefer to use to read and deliver your RSS / Atom feeds to you? And why?
I am now to the point that I need to move to a feed reader to keep up on the updates at my favorite sites and blogs. Need good references.

SXSW Night 9 – Set Free


Sat 03.19.05 – As soon as I got back to the hotel after the last band I was going to see, I borrowed a pair of scissors and set both of my cameras free.