Waxing Gibbous Moon Rising

Sat 11.25.23 – Waxing Gibbous Moon Rising over the White Mountains as seen from Dixon Lane while walking the dog. Photo taken with my now nearly elderly Samsung Note 9.


Tues. 10.24.23 – One of the completely unheralded parts about being over age seven or even twelve is the lack of celebrating one’s half birthday. Happy Half Birthday to Me! Today, I am fifty five and a half years old. Yes, 55.5 years old….

NaBloPoMo 2022 : The Last Night

Wed 11.30.22 – Here is a photo that I took last night of Jupiter, bright, and the Moon, shining, in the cold snapped southwestern sky. Photo taken with my camera phone, so it is not particularly light balanced and the Moon looks larger than…

NaBloPoMo 2022 : Mt. Whitney and the Morning Setting Moon

Wed 11.16.22 – Driving from Bishop, Calif. to Arizona for work when we stopped off at the Mt. Whitney / Death Valley Visitor Center to take a photo of the view. It was beautiful. This is the sixteenth mostly daily post for #NaBloPoMo 2022.

NaBloPoMo 2022 : It is Sweater Weather!

Sun 11.13.22 – I am compressing my Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s daily posts into one day, rather than three dailies. Sorry, but life got busy and yesterday I provisioned a server for PHP 8.1 from 7.4. That was actually fun, if a bit long….