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That time of year again: The Semi-Annual Gathering of the Earthmovers

A Yellow Semi-Annual Earthmover and the Seal Beach Pier at sunset

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia Lumia 1020.

Tues 11.12.13 – Yes, it is November, which means in the annual calendar of the great city of Seal Beach, it is time for the Caterpillar earthmovers to move sand from the west/north side of the beach, under the pier, to form a sand berm on the south/east side of the pier.
One of the peculiarities of Seal Beach is that the south/east side of town is mostly a bit under sea level and a fairly elaborate series of storm drains and a long earth dyke along the Naval base protect the south side of town from flooding during high tide or winter storm surges. According to my aunt, the flooding was fairly regular back in the 60s and early 70s before the big storm drains were put in. Lake Seal Beach still occurs to a lesser extent with the sand berm.
Thus, in November, several big Caterpillar earthmovers come to the beach for a week and move sand into a berm and then in April, they reverse and move the sand back flat onto the beach. On occasion, if the berm is not up to its job, and Lake Seal Beach forms, then a smaller tractor will come and re-arrange sand.
I, of course, must go document the migratory patterns of the Yellow Semi-Annual Earthmover.
In years past I have taken photos and video, posted it here and on Flickr. This year, I decided to find as many of the photos on Flickr as possible and make a tag for easy search, I give you “The Gathering of the Earthmovers” at Flickr.
Some photos over the years on this blog:
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Life by the Vending Machines

The Vending Machines at Sunset

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia Lumia 1020.

“They are _____.” – CJ said after listening the young men by the vending machine talk.
“How do you know? It is their accent?” – I ask.
“It is everything.”


Autumn Camellia

The first of the camellia's fallen

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia Lumia 1020.

Sun 11.03.13 – Last weekend when I went for a photo walk to the Huntington Library and Gardens, the camellia trees adjacent to the North Lawn were not flowering and only had small buds, usually to bloom in January or February.
Today, eight days later, one rain storm later, and a few hot days later, about 5 of the camellia trees had bloomed and dropped faded flowers into the leaf litter.
Hello, November.

How to Start Your Morning: The Daily Otter

Tagline: “OMG Otters!
Yes, the Daily Otter delivers and is currently my fave site to check every morning with my tea.
Now that kelp beds are reestablished along the Southern Californian coasts and the government has rescinded orders to relocate any otters found south of Point Conception, may we start to see otters off Dog Beach in a couple of years or a decade from now. Hopefully

A Friday Afternoon at the Huntington

White and Orange Koi fish amongst the lotus pads
Orchid Tree in full bloom Leaf window at the Huntington's Chinese Gardens Pomegranate bonsai tree with fruit at the Japanese Gardens Koi fish at the Lily Ponds The end of the lotus blooms

Photos taken by Ms. Jen at the Huntington Gardens with her Nikon D800 and a Nikon 50mm f/1.4 lens.

Fri 09.28.13 – Today my Mom and I went up to the Huntington Library and Gardens in San Marino, even though it was still a late summer’s heat, for the Member’s Preview of Face to Face.
If you would like someone to join you to do a docent tour of why Flemish and Florentine painting from 1460-1490 is both significant and comparable, please invite me along as your docent, as pre-internet I was a painting and art history major with some residual expertise in this era.