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The Donkey Did It


The LA Times’ front cover photo caption stated:

Launch Vehicle

Soldiers examine a rocket launcher mounted on a donkey-drawn cart near the Italian Embassy in Baghdad. Attacks launched from donkey carts Friday again raised the question: Can a high-tech army respond adequately to such low-tech threats?

Dear Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney, Mr. Rumsfield, and the various executives of Halliburton, Shell/Chevron/Texaco, Arco, Exxon, Mobile, etc,
Dear Sirs: I do realized that you all are damned and determined to make a profit in Iraq, but as the last 24 hours of events illustrate David and his Donkey are taking out Goliath and his corporate overlords.
Please note that 87 Billion US Taxpayers’ Dollars will not defeat determined rebels with donkey carts. Please note that consulting Ariel Sharon and the current Isreali criminals… oops, I mean, governement will not help us but dig us deeper in the mire. Maybe you all ought to hire a medium to consult Rabin’s ghost…
As an American taxpayer, I would like us to have adequate and working health care, education, transportation, and utilities right at home here in the good ole USA.
Mr. Bush, please remember the words of our Lord Jesus, “To whom much is given, much is required.” Also, “A man can gain the world, but lose his soul.”
Ms. Jen

Congratulations to Dave & Lora!

I would like to extend a hearty congratulations to Dave “The Chairman” Mau and Lora “Lindy Lora” Wilson. Yesterday was their thrid year anniversary.
Three years ago, I threw a benefit party for Scarlett who was going to study in Ireland and needed to raise some money to pay for rent while she was gone. I hired Dave to make his famed MauBBQ, and Lora asked me for an introduction to Dave. And off they went.
Lora returned to California today after a one year career related absence and Dave threw a welcome home dinner party.
Here they are three years later. Yeah! I have hope.

A Wedding Toast

Today I went to the bridal shower of a good friend of mine, Amanda Cunagin. It was one of the nicest wedding showers I have ever attended, bravo to Heather Teal, Lisa Lavine, and Arianna Shackelford for throwing such a great and lovely party at Heather & Dave Shackelford’s home.
In honor of the celebration Amanda’s friend Melissa recited the following poem by Richard Wilbur:

Wedding Toast

St. John tells how, at Cana’s wedding feast,
The water-pots poured wine in such amount
That by his sober count
There were a hundred gallons at the least.

It made no earthly sense, unless to show
How whatsoever love elects to bless
Brims to a sweet excess
That can without depletion overflow.

Which is to say that what love sees is true;
That this world’s fullness is not made but found.
Life hungers to abound
And pour its plenty out for such as you.

Now, if your loves will lend an ear to mine,
I toast you both, good son and dear new daughter.
May you not lack for water,
And may that water smack of Cana’s wine.

Many blessings on Amanda and Andrew!

Smitten -> ____________ -> Whupped

Ok, all the nice lovely folks out there in blog-reader-land, I need your semantic help. Last night, Erika and I went to dinner at Alegria in Long Beach and we tried to determine what is the step between Smitten and Whupped.
Erika has decided that I have graduated into this step of my admiration for my Favorite Cute Man. Please help us find a name.

Thurs. 10/23/03 – Day of Extremes

Audobon Warbler in front of Blue’s place

Ever have one of those days that by 6:00pm you are so frustrated and tired that you could just cry (or if you are a guy – hit something)? Yesterday was that day for me….but it marvelously turned around after 6:00pm and by the time that I pulled the little honda to park at home after 2:00am, I looked up at the stars and was delighted.


Crush -> Smitten

Whilst walking along the path at Bolsa Chica today, as I was babbling along about my “Favorite Cute Man”, Erika pointed out to me that I have passed beyond “Crush” to “Smitten.” She’s right. Just thought I ought to let y’all know.

Small Apologies…

Small apologies to my regular readers as it seems that I have gone AWOL, but I have not. I do have 4 fun posts for you all, but I have a website that I must get finished and I am not allowing myself the fun of blogging until I deliver the cd to the client.
Sneak Preview:
More Photos: The Dragons at Alex’s; the Warped Tour link; Black Flag at Alex’s
Off Road Racing weekend in the Nevada Desert
Kernels and Poems and Stories
Hopefully, I will have the cd into the client by the end of today, I will go to Renu Nakorn to treat myself, and then I will come back and blog.

Super Joey to the Rescue!


My brother Joe wins the award for SuperHero of the month. Two days ago, he replaced my front brake rotors and pads on the little Honda, in trade for me varnishing his kitchen cabinets. Yeah for Joe!
This is a great relief to me, as the brakes were getting worse and worse, continuing to shudder, shake, and generally not brake very well.
When I picked my car up yesterday, my brother showed me the rotors that Big O Tires had put on back in February, and they were blue with heat searing. Joe told me that the rotors and pads were barely worn, but it was obvious due to greasey mechanic hands or a glazing that Big O had put on the rotors, that they were overheating, not getting the proper friction, and thus the car was shuddering and not braking well.
Joe found good German rotors, I forget their names, and installed them properly. I now have full stopping ability, not a sngle shudder or shake. And when an elderly woman in a Mercedes tried to run me off the road today, I was able to brake on a dime. Before yesterday, I would have had a large accident.
Ladies – My brother is a gem and single. He is a “nice” guy with his shit together – not only is he a vice president at a large LA real estate firm, but he can build a car/dune buggy from the ground up! He is an excellent cook, very bright, laid back, and has a great sense of humor.