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Notes from a Hot Monday Afternoon

First off, I want to say a BIG congratulations to Drs. Clairce and Greg Mullinax on the March 11th birth of their first son, Joshua Perrin Mullinax. Little Joshua is truly a gift. Yeah.
Second off, I want to thank Patrick Nielsen Hayden for posting Archbishop Romero’s prayer to his blog a few days ago, as reading this was exactly what I needed late last week.

It helps, now and then, to step back
and take the long view.
The kingdom is not only beyond our efforts,
it is beyond our vision.
We accomplish in our lifetime only a tiny fraction of
the magnificent enterprise that is God

Welcome to the Jungle, Part 237

My homestate of California is a funny and sometimes confusing place. We supposedly are a very Democratic state, yet we keep electing Republican governors. We supposedly are known in other parts of the country as the “Land of Fruits & Nuts” or “The Left Coast,” yet we keep enacting very conservative legislation and amendments like the Three Strikes Law and continually desire lower taxes of all sorts.
Given that almost eveyone I know, conservative or liberal, does not want to pay a single cent more in taxes, yet they want all the services that the State and Local governements provide, I had a good laugh when I saw this headline on the front page of the LA Times today:
Jail Inmates Freed Early to Save Money

Notes from a Wet Stormy Monday

The California State Flag

1) Yesterday I paid the highest price for a gallon of gas in all my years of driving – $2.17 and 9/10ths. $2.18! Time to get a Hybrid car
2) Tomorrow is the California Primary, get out and vote!
3) Inquiring minds would like to know why California’s state animal is the grizzly bear and Michigan’s is the wolverine even though both animals are extinct or exceptionally rare in both states? Why not have a common animal as the State Mascot? Here in California we could have feral house cats, opposums, coyotes, stripper chicks with badly done brown lipliner, etc…

The Count Down to Punk Rock Bowling, 17 Days to Go

ReyRey and Damian, PRB 2001

There are seventeen, yep seventeen, measly little days until we pack up the Momasaurus Ford Escape and drive north on the Interstate 15 to Lost Wages for Punk Rock Bowling!
The Bad News Bowlers and the One Pin Team have been diligently practicing every week for a couple of months now and we are EXCITED!
In the Countdown to Departure, I will be posting pictures from various years past as a “Best of Bowling” memories.

SXSW Here I Come, Part I

Hector and Wanda after Daniel Lanios’ opening the SXSW 2003 Music conference.

I just redeemed frequent flyer miles for a round trip ticket from Los Angeles to Austin for SXSW 2004!
Now I just need to buy a badge. Therein lies the big monetary vs. worth debate.
From 1998 – 2000, I attended the Music conference and loved it. In 2001 & 2003, I got a Platinum badge to attend the Interactive and Music conferences. The badge is quite a bit more expensive and the extra nights in the hotel plus food make it a very pricey adventure. I am currently on a cash only – no credit world, and the Platinum is too steep.
The Interactive part of the conference really is worth the badge for the panels alone. But it is lonely, as I am a music person and even though I try to be friendly I have had a hard time meeting folks (must be the lack of afternoon parties and free beer & bbq starting at 2pm). While the Music panels have sucked for the last couple of years, I have a blast with tons of friends, colleagues, and newly met folk at the conference and the showcases.
I have been considering just buying the Interactive badge and then attending afternoon parties for the Music part and a few night showcases, thus saving the dough. But as Wanda and I just discussed, last year many of the showcases we wanted to see were only letting badges in and no paying customers or wristbands. Grrr…
Debate, debate, debate.
Good news is that Manic Hispanic will be at Emo’s on 3/19 for the BYO Records showcase!

Back in 2004…

Ok, after a week of holiday from blogging, I am back. A few notes before I get down to business:
1) Yeah! It is 2004, not 2003! Yeah! Already a better year. Yeah!
2) WallyMundo saved my bacon tonight. I hate their labor practices, their ugly clothes, domination and reshaping of the world shopping and buying habits, but I highly grateful that their photo dept. was able to print a large set of digital photo files on a short notice and do a great job so that I could make a deadline when all my fave photolabs are on holiday until Monday.
3) Tom Ridge needs to bug off. I promise not to use my postal box as a center of terrorism, if you promise to get out of my business and not be so snoopy. Enough said.