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The Window Box

The Window Box

In less that two hours it will be my birthday, and, in less than 24 hours it will be this blog’s 11th birthday.

The last year plus was more than a bit crap, so here is to a much better next year.

Big Week and Some in the Neighborhood(s)

Wed 04.23.14 – On top of going to Chicago last Tuesday for the HERE Human Automative Driving half day of demos and presentations, on Thursday I moved house.

It took until Sunday mid-afternoon to finish moving things about, settling in, and getting my energy back. This week is all about catching up with client work, some writing, and also job searching.

But why move? It was time for me to leave Seal Beach, between the sea damp mold issues that just kept coming back and the distance to clients, it was time to leave. For the next month I am house sitting in LA, but looking to re-locate to where the job market is better for tech folk, be it San Francisco/Silicon Valley, West LA, or Seattle, or …

Right now I would love to move to a vibrant urban(ish) area where one can walk to most of what one needs and where the tech and art scenes are alive.

È finito

È finito.

Truly it is finished.

Many things have died or have been on life support the last few years and as of today, they are finished.

The funny dream that I had early last summer, long before any announcements, that a dashing Indian born man would become CEO of Microsoft, and not a certain platform burner, came true today.  I am amused that I have predictive dreams about people I will never meet.  Life is truly funny.

On to a new beginning, shall we?

<-- Insert Space for being Under the Weather -->

Sun 09.30.13 – I departed from all the fabulous Social Media Week LA festivities early on Wednesday night feeling run down and ready for bed. Then there was the 405 freeway closure, early (bastards), for road construction. By the time I got home, all I wanted to do was collapse.
I woke up on Thursday morning with no voice, sneezing, congestion, and a cough, so it has continued, even with a small detour to the dry heat of San Marino to visit the Huntington on Friday afternoon did not clear up the viral yuck.
Please excuse any interruption in internet service around here due to a dumb virus.

Zoom ReInvented: The Nokia Lumia 1020 Revealed

Nokia's Vesa Jutilla showing off the Nokia Lumia 1020 next to the Nokia 925- Nokia 925
Katie and Rafe before the Zoom Reinvented event begins - Nokia 925 Nokia's Kristina Björknäs, Juha Alakarhu, and Stephen Elop on stage - Nokia 925 Zoom Reinvented Q&A time - Nokia 808 PureView The Nokia Lumia 1020 demo area after the presentation- Nokia 808 PureView The Nokia Lumia 1020 lens testing room - Nokia 925 Bloggers talking about the Nokia Lumia 1020 - Nokia 925 Kristina Björknäs demonstrating the wrist strap for the Lumia 1020 - Nokia 925 Photographers and Bloggers chatting - Nokia 808 PureView Shannon, Cajun Mama, and Jason, Tech Craver - Nokia 808 PureView Stephen Elop introducing the Lumia 1020 at the Partner's session- Nokia 808 PureView Before the Blogger's session starts - Nokia 808 PureView Eero Salmelin, Juha Alakarhu, and ... presenting on the technical aspects of the Nokia Lumia 1020 - Eero Salmelin, Juha Alakarhu, and ... presenting on the technical aspects of the Nokia Lumia 1020 -

All photos taken by Ms. Jen on Thurs July 11, 2013 with either her Nokia 808 PureView or a loaner Nokia 925, please click on the first photo to start the slideshow and see caption for which photo is taken with which camera phone.

Thurs 07.11.13 – And today was the BIG day, the Nokia Zoom ReInvented launch and announcement / demo of the Nokia Lumia 1020 41-megapixel Windows Phone 8 camera phone.
The Zoom ReInvented event was held at pier 94 on the Hudson River in New York City and started nice and early with the announcement and presentation of the Nokia Lumia 1020 by Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop with help from the imaging team’s Kristina Björknäs and Juha Alakarhu.
After a very spectacular announcement, the back of the stage was opened for everyone to proceed down the length of the pier to the demonstration area, lunch, as well as meeting and session rooms. At each turn through the demonstration area were Nokians with Nokia Lumia 1020s to show you and engage about the device. Also along the sides were small rooms with more detailed technical displays and demos on the sound, lens, and navigating capacities.
The afternoon of Zoom ReInvented was taken up with visiting each display, meeting and talking with folks, as well as attending sessions on applications for the Nokia 1020, technical details of the imaging capabilities by members of the Nokia Imaging team, and a blogger’s session.
Within 20 minutes of the event starting, I was very happy to find out that the new Nokia Pro Camera app would have the ability to set one’s own shutter speed (!!!!), ISO, White Balance, and manual focus from close-up to infinity in a very lovely to use interface. My biggest excitements of the day were the announcement of manual shutter speed and seeing that there is a place for a wrist strap on the device, as well as attending the developer/partner session on what applications are being developed with the new announced Nokia Imaging SDK (Oggl).
Big thanks to Nokia and Nokia US for the invitation to attend the Zoom ReInvented Nokia Lumia 1020 launch event.
An official Ms. Jen photo comparison and review of the Nokia Lumia 1020 coming to a browser near you soon…
If you would like to know more about the Nokia Lumia 1020’s imaging technology, here is the white paper for download or reading online.

Nokia’s Zoom ReInvented NYC Event

July 11th Zoom ReInvented 41 Million Reasons
This Thursday, July 11th, Nokia will be holding a launch event in New York City in which they are teasing us with “41 Million Reasons” …. hmmm… Will they be making all the folks who had hoped that June 2012’s Nokia 808 PureView release should have been a Windows Phone OS very happy?
Tech bloggers and Twitter folk have been salivating at the mouth and other orifices for weeks now in speculation about what they are calling the “Nokia EOS 1020”.
Thursday, July 11th, in New York will be soon enough to confirm if Mr. Belfiore was sent out over the long weekend with a camera phone with fake metadata or if he was a placed leak or just shivering in Seattle area summer weather and getting a good nose sunburn under cloud cover*.
And yes, I will be in NYC at the Nokia Zoom Reinvented event** and will report back to you all. Hopefully, we will have an equal or greater than camera phone to last year’s Nokia 808 PureView.
I am looking forward to July 11th.
*Yes, cloud cover can deliver equal to or greater than sunburns than bright sun due to the clouds scattering the light.
** I joked to CJ the other day that maybe the leakers and bloggers were wrong and Nokia will announce 41 new headphones on July 11th, wherein CJ joked back, “Boom Reinvented!”

Connecting in July

Lisa and Ruthie

Photo of Lisa Chiu Horner and Ruth Hufbauer by Ms. Jen with her Nokia 808 PureView

Mon 07.01.13 – Happy Monday. Happy July. And Happy Ms. Jen is Going to Start Blogging Again. Really. Truly.
July is a month with a lot going on. Family and friends in town. Fourth of July. The big Nokia July 11th Zoom Event in NYC. Speaking at Open Web Camp. Dogsitting Ms. Belle Pooh McBellersons for two weeks. More travel. Taking two CompSci/math MOOCs. etc. etc. etc.
Today, July 1st, is the start of NaBloPoMo July 2013’s Connect theme and since I have an already overly full plate I might as well commit to daily blogging. But more importantly July is going to be all about connecting with friends, family, cities, mobile/web and photography communities, so I should write about it.
Let’s start today. In high school, two of my favorite friends where Ruth and Lisa. They were one and two years ahead of me and Lisa had a car. They are the friends that I went to dancing and music gigs in LA with. The friends I went thrift shopping with. The friends, who even though we were into music & odd sub-cultures, we all knew that academics was important and that we would be going to college no matter what. In my crazy teen years, they were two friends I could count on for both fun and good advice.
Ruth is currently visiting from Colorado with her daughter and we all went to the Newport Dunes to hang out, let the kids swim & play, while we talked and caught up. It was so very good to see Ruth, Lisa, and Diane and catch up.
Sometimes life goes too fast and stopping to talk is good. Big thanks to Lisa for inviting me to the party. Happy July 1st Birthday to Ruth!