May 12th: Dusk, The Newest of New Moons and Venus

05.12.21 – The tiniest of newest of new crescent moons as seen this evening at dusk with a Venus who is finally far away enough from the sun to be seen clearly in the twilight sky. Also posted at my Flickr stream.

Hi, My Name is Jen. And I Like Cold, A Lot.

Wed. 03.03.21 – For a year now, the world has been on fire and people are dying. The self same world has been getting hotter and hotter for years now, and honestly folks, said world has been on fire and rather shit for some…

Happy Solstice, Milky Way Season, Plus a Photo of NGC 6231 from June 2019

06.21.20 – Whether you are in the northern longest day or the southern longest night, I hope you enjoy your extra sunlight or starlight this weekend. If you are in a space with a good night sky, get out and enjoy the Milky Way…

Venus in her Evening Crescent Form

Thurs., 05.14.20 – Astro Bob, aka Bob King, last week wrote a blog post on The Crescent Venus Is Within Your Reach, so I decided to try it a few days later at late dusk. Due to the fact that my tripod is in…

Make Way! Incoming Goldfinch Flight!

Sat. 12.21.19 – Photo of two American Goldfinches at a water faucet taken at Irvine Regional Park by Ms. Jen with her Nikon D850 and a Nikon 70-200mm f/4 lens.

The Ginkgo Biloba Tree

Thurs. 11.21.19 – Here have another auntumnal photo of a bright yellow gingko tree from my Monday Kew Gardens photo walk. The last of the bright fall trees are a delightful remedy for the dark, rainy skies. Photo taken by Ms. Jen with a…

Afternoon Walk through the Park

Tues. 11.19.19 – The overarching weeping tree near the Albert Memorial has made a delightful yellow autumn path to walk through. Photo by Ms. Jen with her phone.