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3 Months and 17 Days in to My Love Affair…

with my Nokia 7610!
On Dec. 10th, 2004, I received my Nokia 7610 from Sandy and Kristin in a little white padded mailer bag at the scoop out of a high-end hotel in Beverly Hills. That afternoon I had a new sim chip inserted and took my first picture with the cameraphone. The next morning I made my first post to Wasabi from the phone.
The first time the phone actually rang, I looked at it in horror – what!?!? Why is my fabulous new camera / email / internet / PDA device ringing?!?! Ugh.
In the intervening 3 months and 17 days, I have taken 1913 photos with the phone, a few videos, made numerous posts to Wasabi, emailed photos to this blog via Flickr, have sent and received email, surfed the ‘net in traffic, texted like no tomorrow, and actually made a few phone calls.
I have done side by side feature comparisons with Sidekick, Blackberry, and Treo owners, with all conceding that the Nokia 7610 trumps all. Until I met Marc from Buzznet at the Gawker Party at SXSWi and he had a new Nokia 6630. Ok, so his phone has a 1.3 megapixel camera rather than the 7610’s 1 megapixel, but the 7610 still has the far superior design (aka way cuter!) and has a mirror on the back! But he also had to borrow my flash a number of times over the course of the party, as he had left his at the hotel and the 6630’s on-board flash was not enough.
My recap is… This smart phone rocks. Ok, bad slang aside, it really is a wonderful phone that is a mini-PC, digital camera, and PDA all rolled into one internet connected device that is well designed both physically and in terms of its interface.


All the LifeBlog Posts

I was just tripping down Internet Lane when I decided to run a Google Search on “LifeBlog Post”.
Google turned up the following LifeBloggers:
When one is using the LifeBlog software to post from one’s phone to one’s TypePad mo-blog, if you don’t fill in the Title the default is “Lifeblog Post”.
I searched 4 pages deep and saw no search link to Wasabi. This is sad, since our gang frequently uses the title of “Lifeblog Post.”
On another LifeBlog tip, Roland commented to Ippi’s post:

people are already doing this with Flickr (and others) and their blogs already
the only “innovation” that LifeBlog brings to the party is the inclusion of SMS and MMS
since nobody uses MMS, the inclusion of MMS is questionable
and since lifeblog only works on Nokia phones, it probably won’t take off

I must respectfully disagree here. As a person using both Flickr and LifeBlog, I would always choose LifeBlog over Flickr if I could post directly here to Black Phoebe via my Movable Type interface. I use Flickr here at BlackPhoebe as it is the easiest solution, but not my favorite. I don’t like hosting my photos on another server, when I sent my photos up to flickr from my phone I can’t rotate them until later when I get to a computer and log into flickr, etc. etc. etc.
With LifeBlog, I can rotate the photos from the phone, I can control my post’s title, blog entry and tags from the phone. Even though I am a guest blogger at Wasabi, I have more control of my post later when I get to my computer than I do on how it is presented at Flickr.
Now, if only I could post to Movable Type from my Nokia 7610’s onboard Lifeblog….

Out of Beta, Into Prime Time – Wasabi!

Tredair Kitty Shoes
Photo of Tredair Kitty Shoes at the Electric Chair by Jen’s Nokia 7610

I am participating in a collaborative group mo/pho-blog – Wasabi – that uses Nokia 7610s or Nokia 6670s camera phones and Nokia’s LifeBlog software to post directly to a Typepad blog from the phone.
We have been beta testing the phones, LifeBlog, and Wasabi for a month now, until Charlie took off the password protection and launched us!
Go check Wasabi out. I have been having a blast posting directly to the blog from my phone using the LifeBlog on the phone, as it is much easier than using Flickr or Mfop2.
How so? In LifeBlog, I can view and rotate the photos, add metadata, and make a blog post in Lifeblog, and best of all “mark” up to four photos for upload to the blog at the same time. Once I push send, there it goes. When I view the blog from my phone’s browser or from a computer, Lifeblog has already formatted the photos into a table of thumbnails.
Now, how about LifeBlog for MT?

My Happy New Nokia 7610 Phone

Mushrooms taken by Nokia 7610

Why struggle for a day like I did trying to set up the Nokia 7610’s access points to AT&T’s (now Cingular) GSM network and deal with Sylvester the Cingular telephone tech guy who didn’t know what Google was and how it could be used
Use the Nokia’s Configuration Tool to get all your email, browser, access points, and bookmarks(!!!!) configured directly from Nokia’s easy to use interface and sent to the phone via SMS. Yeah Nokia!
Now that my happy little phone is all configured and working, I discovered that while I asked for a much larger plan the Cingular (formerly AT&T) sales folk only gave me 1 mb of mMode. I blew through that in the first 24 hours, so I called again today to ask for the unlimited plan. The sales lady told me it would take 24 hours to have the request approved?!?!?!?
Nokia = cutting edge cool. Cingular = wormy dog crap.
What I like best about the new phone:
1) The one megapixel camera. Look at the above photo from my garden yesterday. No touch ups needed, just resizing. Last night, as I walked home I did a comparison with my Casio 4 MP camera and the cell phone camera. (see below)
2) The user interface is excellent and easy to use. I like the large screen. I like the inclusion of Opera if I don’t want to use the “web” function. I like the layout of the applications and the use once in them.
3) I can download and reply to my mail. Yeah.
4) The log gives running totals of minutes used of received calls, dialed calls, and GRPS used. Very nice.
5) The voice recorder is nifty, I wonder how long I can record for?
6) So far I quite like LifeBlog‘s interface and how it organzies all my photos, notes, and text messages. It will be even more fun when I get to upload all of the LifeBlog data and pics to the TypePad blog. Now the big question is when will their be a link between LifeBlog and MT??? Calling all MT plugin developers….
Quick comparison of similar photos taken with my Casio Exlim Z-40 camera (left side column) and the Nokia 7610 camera (right side column):

What I don’t like about the Nokia 7610:
1) The Clear button for text just below the select button that is most of the time “Exit” and adjacent to the end call button. I have hit end call or exit more times than I have hit clear. ;o(
2) Oh… There is a phone on this fabulous device? Argh… it’s ringing… do I have to pick it up? Argh…

Phone Geek Envy

As you may know, I have been searching for a good cell phone with PDA, camera and … don’t forget… the ability to make a phone call for sometime now.
This August, when I went to the MT party, Mie showed me her new Nokia 7610 that someone brought from Singapore for a bunch of MT staffers. I have been watching her moblogging and Molly’s as well with more than a wee bit of Geek Jealousy, as my hand-me-down business Nokia is sans camera.
I just did a search at the Nokia website and found out that the 7610 is now on sale in Ireland… but not in the U.S.
But then there is the Nokia 9500 on sale in Ireland… hmmm… Guess I better start saving even more money for my trip. These phones better come unlocked… ;oD

Phone Number Portability

The government has passed a law/ruling/bill/whatever that will give your phone number portability, this will occur on November 24th. I find this to be good news as someone who uses my landline for personal and buisness use but I would like not to have the hassle of a new phone number when I move.
Move?!? Yes, I love my backyard elm tree, my neighborhood and my house, but the landlady is very neglectful and does not do any routine maintanence. The house is a great old victorian that desparately needs love. Sometime early next year, I would like to move closer to the beach and to a place that is better kept up. When I do, I will want to keep my phone number and not have to get new business cards and notify everyone I know of the new number.
Thanks to the new FCC rule, I will hopefully be able to do that. My wireless and landline carriers are both AT&T and hopefully they will work with me. Maybe I will make my “landline” a camera cell.
Regardless, I will keep my screening habit… ;oD
New rules let you ditch landline, keep number for cell phone