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Local Trees at Dusk or Why the Irish Mobile Market Needs Competition

trees dripping with yellow flowers

Sat. May 27, 2006 about 10 something pm. The last week or so, Ireland has had a series of North Atlantic depressions (lows) generate winds and storms blowing through daily. For the last week, if the winds are high then I don’t have cell / mobile reception. Not just the Vodafone 3G / GPRS internet and email is down, but also my phone call reception. The funny thing is that it is not regular but comes and goes.
This is very frustrating to say the least, not just for my moblogging, but also to call out and receive text messages. But I have not heard a single thing from Vodafone. No emails apologizing for the brown out. No notices on their website. Nothing.
Compare Vodafone to my mobile provider in the States: Cingular Wireless (formerly AT&T Wireless). I frequently don’t get reception in Dublin when wandering around streets with buildings that are 4 – 5 storeys tall. I can drive around Downtown LA with buildings that are 25 – 60 storeys tall and have full reception the whole time, as evinced by this moblogged photo. During the worst of the Santa Ana wind storms, I never lost reception in Orange. The wind picks up a bit in Dublin and suddenly… nothing.
What up Vodafone?
Maybe you ought to institute the service that my website hosting provider has, a real time listing of server status. Come on, Vodafone, throw us a bone… if you can’t deliver good reception, at least have a notice on your website of what is up.
No, I didn’t even call Customer Service, as the nice call center folks are usually less aware of what is going on with their mobile network than I am and they have to call another office to find out what is going on…
Ok, T-Mobile, when are you going to enter the Irish mobile market, kick ass and take no prisoners? Vodafone, O2, and Meteor are fat, flabby and need a good run…

Survey Takers : Thank You

This evening I will be closing my “Moleskine to Mobile” survey for my thesis. Thank you to each and everyone of the folks who took the survey. I had far more responses than I expected.
I am now in the interview stage and will be for the next five days. I will also be writing at this time.
If you know of anyone who is doing innovative or creative work with their mobile or cameraphone, email me.
When this is all over and I have handed in my thesis, I will let you all know of the marvelous and wonderful things that folks are doing out there, in the meantime, it is write/write/read/write/research/write for Ms. Jen.

Calling All Mobloggers and other Mobile/Cell Phone Enthusiasts

Hello all my lovely web/mobile friends and folks who came here via Photo Friday, Nokia, or other,
I am currently working on my thesis for my master’s degree on Moleskine to Mobile: How Creative Professionals are using the Mobile Devices.
I would love if you could take 5 mins. to fill out the following survey about your mobile usage. If you have practices and opinions that you would like to share and be on record for, please fill out your name and email and I will interview you.
Also, if you could pass this link onto your blog readers or friends or colleagues who also are using thie mobiles for creative purposes, it would be much appreciated. The more, the better the survey.
If you have questions, please email me at blackphoebe at I will be at SXSWi this year and would love to say hey!
Take the Survey:

Nokia Series 60 Camera Phone Duel : The Nokia 6680 vs. the Nokia 7610

After weeks and weeks of looking at them, after being given one in a promotion last July but it has never arrived, last friday during a very good Vodafone holiday promotion, I went out and bought a Nokia 6680. The deal was that if I signed up for a one year contract, of which I have been meaning to do, I could get a Nokia 6680 for cheap. Relatively cheap.
Now with my lovely and beloved 7610, I could blog directly from the phone with Lifeblog in the US with AT&T Wireless as well as send and receive any email amongst a host of other features for a reasonable price per month. But Vodafone in Ireland does not provide such features, to blog my photos from my Nokia 7610 phone, I have had to use MMS rather than Lifeblog, there is no email with the Pay as you Go plan, as well as very little other features, and data transfer and/or internet features are expensive. It has been a frustrating eleven weeks in moblogging land.
Upon the purchase of the Nokia 6680 and the signing of the contract, most of these troubles dissolved, but at a price. From the 6680, I can moblog to any Typepad installation with Vodafone ISP (their email access point, not their GPRS/WAP access point), but I can’t moblog to my Movable Type 3.2 installation (once again, Martin has kindly provided a hack, but it is not working for me). I can use the Lifeblog on the 6680 and on my PC to send photos to Flickr and then to this blog via email or MMS.
But how does the 6680 perform compared to the 7610?


My First MoCast

For those of you with iPods, you may create a Podcast. Those of us without an iPod in our life who do have a Nokia 7610 with good recording capacity, have just turned in our first MoCast to the CultureSluts.
On Fri. Oct. 28, 2005, I went to the Darklight Symposium at Digital Hub Dublin. I met Steve of the CultureSluts that day and Jessie that evening. They recruited me to a do a guest MoCast for them as Ms. Jen the Unordinary American.
I recorded small interviews with Kaptain Trouble and Stu, the bassist for the Damned, at the Damned’s recent Dublin show. It was good fun. I also meant to record Jason Thompson and Tony Nealon who were both out from SoCal (specifically Huntington Beach) for the Damned show, but did not get around to it.
I will post the link to my first MoCast when Steve and Jessie put up their next Podcast.

Moleskine to Mobile

I am now living in Dublin, Ireland, and am attending Trinity College for a one year Masters in Computer Science in Multimedia Systems. The program is an combination of multimedia, web design, programming and art practice.
I am writing to you because I have decided to do my thesis on artists and mobility (“Moleskine to Mobile”). More specifically, how has smartphones/ high end mobile devices increased the creative / artistic productivity of professional artists / musicians / designers / etc? For my research portion, I would like to do email interviews and am asking around to see if people in the field could recommend artists/designers that they may know who are pushing the envelope with their mobile devices and would be willing to be interviewed.
Any recommendations or pointers in the right direction would be highly appreciated. I hope to conduct the interviews in Dec. & Jan., as the thesis is due in March (due to the 12 month course, everything is very compacted in time).
Thank you in advance for any recommendations or pointers.