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Orion, as seen by my Nokia Lumia 1020


Photo of the Orion constellation taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia Lumia 1020.

Sun 12.22.13 – As most of the regular readers of this blog know, I am forever trying to push the boundaries of what a camera phone can do in terms of photography. I also want to capture the photo with my phone as it is, not as it could be with a lot of editing in Photoshop or Lightroom. My joy comes from taking the photos, not from the editing process.
The Nokia Lumia 1020 has a great sensor and lens, very good low light processing software, as well as the Nokia Pro Cam app that allows one to set the exposure time / shutter speed to 4 seconds max and a max ISO of 4000. In the above cropped photo of Orion, I used a shutter speed of 4 seconds and an ISO of 3200 on a tripod. The only editing is the addition of metadata and cropping the photo to focus on Orion.
The full un-cropped photo is up at Flickr, and if you and I follow each other on Flickr you can see the original huge photo here (7712 x 4352 pixels).

Glass and Steel Bridge, Nokia House

Looking back through one of the glass and steel bridges that connects buildings at Nokia House

Sat 11.09.13 – As promised, I am continuing to post photos from my shooting Ilford black & white film spree this summer.
Photo of one of the glass and steel bridges between buildings at Nokia House in Espoo, Finland, taken by Ms. Jen on 07.25.13 with her Nikon FM3a, a manual 50mm f/1.8 lens, and Ilford XP2 Super 400 film.
Spiral, Nokia House

Spiral, Nokia House

Spiral Staircase at Nokia House, Espoo, Finland

Wed 11.06.13 – As promised, I will start posting photos from my shooting Ilford black & white film spree…
Photo of a spiral staircase at Nokia House in Espoo, Finland, taken by Ms. Jen on 07.25.13 with her Nikon FM3a, a manual 50mm f/1.8 lens, and Ilford XP2 Super 400 film.

Mobile Photo Tips : Introduction

Due to the good to great reaction and feedback from my SMWLA Master Class in Mobile Photography, the Q&A Session at the AT&T store later, and answering questions at the various meet & greets that evening, I realized, also with a good poke from Sam Sabri, that I should add a Mobile Photo Tips section to my blog.
Thus, I will be a few times a week doing a small one tip per blog post with instructions, ideas, thoughts, images, and possibly a video or two to illustrate the concept.
I have already started a list of mobile photo tips and if you have questions or would like me to explain how to do something with the camera part of your mobile device, please ask in the Disqus comments below!
I will do my best to cover tips that will work on (almost) any camera phone, so that you can feel empowered to take great photos regardless of your device!

Today: October 20th is Nokia’s Mobile Photo Day

Sun 10.20.13 – Take a photo today, Oct. 20th, with your mobile phone or device and post it to your fave blog / social network with the tag #1020MobilePhotoDay to participate in Nokia’s International Mobile Photo Day.
Update: My photos from Mobile Photo Day:
At Flickr : At the annual Seal Beach Japanese Kite Festival
At Instagram : Kites at the annual Seal Beach Japanese Lite Festival

Photos from Social Media Week LA

Hanging out with Tejal, Challey, Ms. Jen, Claire, and Josephina at Bar Pinxto
Jason Harris making announcements before my Mobile Photography Master Class Al, the best model for a mobile photography class Sylvia and a besuited gentlemen at the AT&T store class Mary and Alex at the Nokia happy hour Wonderful color and light at Tinga The lovely Mary & Joseph at the Nokia happy hour Pablo Tin ceiling at Tinga Jeb being silly Jason sniffing the shots to determine which is tequila and which is water Leah, Jason, and Josephina at Tinga Josephina, Henrik, and Tejal The entry archway at Tinga The Gentlemen: George, Sam, Jason, and Timi Al at Bar Pinxto, note the fabulous pants and shirt George and Tejal SMW's Eric and Tejal Sam and I, note how darned tall Sam is - or short I am... ;o) Tejal, George, and I

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia Lumia 1020

Thurs 09.26.13 – Yesterday’s Social Media Week LA was a wonderful day and evening. I truly enjoyed presenting both the Mobile Photography Master Class at the SMWLA ROC venue and at the beginning session at the Santa Monica AT&T store.
After the AT&T store presentation, Nokia sponsored a SMWLA Happy Hour at Tinga’s bar. After that, a group of us went to stand up dinner at Bar Pintxo, where in George Salecedo, Sam Sabri, Timi Cantisano and others joined us. The conversations about mobile, photography, social, and the joy there of were delightful.
The most amusing part of the evening is when Tejal and I went outside to try taking night low light photos when a tall purple hair fellow stumbled out of the bar next door and WANTED TO TALK to us about the Nokia Lumia 1020. He was both entranced by the idea of such a great camera phone but then wanted to know if we had climbed up on roofs to take spying photo with the Lumia 1020?
The amusing part to me was his perception that the Lumia 1020 was a spy camera and this worried him, then he pulled out his brand spanking new iPhone 5s and bragged about the TouchID fingerprint reader. He didn’t sense the disconnect as he jovially said goodbye and stumbled down the street to his next engagement. Blessings.
Thank you to everyone who attended one or both of the Mobile Photography presentations that I gave at SMWLA 2013. I hope you are inspired to go and take more photos with your own camera phone.

Slides from my Mobile Photography session at Social Media Week Los Angeles

Wed 09.25.13 – Here are the slides from my Social Media Week LA presentation on Mobile Photography.
Master Class: Mobile Photography–Tips, Tools, and Future Opportunities

With the explosion of mobile devices worldwide, there is a connected camera phone in nearly every pocket, purse, or hand leading to billions of mobile photos taken in each year and over a billion images shared on Instagram.
Whether the mobile device is a 2 megapixel feature phone or a 41 megapixel smart camera phone, how do we improve our image taking for greatest impact? What tools are we using to share and connect with our photos right now? And what are the the opportunities and challenges to change the future with mobile photography?
This session will examine how to improve our mobile photography, the current tools, and the future opportunities for social media, creatives, brands, and developers.