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TidBits :: The N950’s Camera, Monetization & the Mobile Web, and Hoodies in September

Three thoughts floating around my head this morning while eating breakfast and reading the weekly Seal Beach Sun:
1) For all of my gushing two days ago, after spending some time with the Nokia N950 the camera is very good but not great like the N8. The resolution, color, and clarity on the N8 is definitely superior but the N950 has a nice look to the photos that I do like.
2) At Mobile 2.0’s end of conf cocktails, I had a conversation with Mike Rowehl of Mobile Monday SV and Churn labs about wanting to develop for the mobile web or native apps. Mike said that the stop up on developing for the mobile web for many devs was monetization. I made a joke that I was satisfied as long as I wasn’t living in my car or had moved back home at 40-something. We both laughed, but I could see that monetization meant something else to him entirely.
The conversation keeps coming back to me when thinking about the mobile web: why right now devs prefer to create native apps and what in the heck does monetization really mean any way?
Does monetization mean that I can be self-supporting as an app developer and not have to be taking on clients (my definition)? Does it mean the dev can use the money to buy a house and hire a few employees? Does it mean turning the app(s) into a full blown business? A business that then gets sold to a larger business for a large sum and then you get to join the big cats in Los Gatos?
What thinkest thou?
3) Once again the Seal Beach Sun’s Crime Log has produced a pick of the litter winner this morning:
“Monday, Sept 5, 2011 – Rossmoor – Suspicious Person or Circumstances – 10:55am – Kensington Road – The caller requested a patrol check for a man wearing a hoodie who was walking on the Gertrude side of the elementary school. The caller said there has been a recent increase in crimes, including a robbery involving men in dark hoodies. The caller that it was suspicious for someone to be wearing a hoodie at all in September.”
Now before you get all upset about hooding profiling, please remember that this is September in Southern California, our hottest month of the year with temps in the 90s to 100s and higher. And the caller was right, anyone wearing a hoodie with the hood up in 90+ temps is cruising for a minor Darwin Award in the heat stroke category.

Bits and Bobs, The Tidbits of the last Day or so, Possibly the last few Minutes

04.26.11 - A View from AA Flt. 137 in the 10th hour, aka boredom has set in
Wed 04.27.11 – Many thoughts have crowded into my head today and then fled just as fast as the miasma of jetlag has descended on my brain.
A few of the fleeting thoughts that I either can recall right now or have repeated on my brain:
1) I really do want to get back to daily photo and/or text blogging. I want to reinstate the multiple year daily blogging that got disrupted in February. One of the things I thought about while in London, is how much I do love blogging and that this is my place. It is time to reclaim it. Please encourage me.
2) The complete disconnect in big big big companies between the executives and the teams that actually do the work astounds me. Last week in London, I heard a true account of one Big Company Making a Big Contract with another Big Tech Company of which it is due to be executed contractually by this June, yet the Big Company to do the work decided to lay off the workers to do the work a few months ago and then when the executives realized that without the workers that the work wouldn’t get done and they would be in breach of contract, much LOLs followed. Ha ha ha. F*cking Executive Idiots. Ha ha ha.
3) So Nokia + MicroSquash deal got signed in the workers’ blood this last week. Hope the 7,000 employees that are to be laid off aren’t the workers who are to actually do the work to make the contract happen, like in tidbit #2 above. Wouldn’t that be LOLs?
4) If a certain Mr. Elop is to wield the hatchet, hopefully he will lay off the multiple layers management between him and the teams that do the work. Wouldn’t it be big time LOLs if he keeps all the management that have throttled innovation & execution the last five years and lays off the teams that actually do the work?
5) In between bouts of jetlag brain, I did a big spring clean of my house and found the Angry Bird furry slingshot toy that Adrian Parker won for me at CTIA. Adrian, I will mail it you tomorrow.
6) Glad to hear that folks are rescuing Delicious from a certain death by starvation, hope that some passionate social photographers with $$$ will rescue Flickr from Yahoo neglect.
Photo of Ms. Jen reflected in the seat back entertainment screen in hour ten of the plane ride between London and Los Angeles on Tues 04.26.11 with her Nokia N8.

Tidbits :: The Fiery Nokia Rumor Edition

The internets are on FIRE with rumors, rumors, and more rumors about what will happen on Friday Feb 11, 2011 at 10am GMT when Nokia’s new CEO, Stephen Elop, gives what may be either the usual dull quarterly report to the investor style humans or a completely non-dull throw down and strategy session. Folks are certainly talking.
The Rumors start…
Engadget on Nokia CEO Stephen Elop rallies troops in brutally honest ‘burning platform’ memo?
All Things Digital on Nokia’s Stephen Elop Didn’t Start the Fire-But His “Burning Platform” Certainly Lights One
And then the real fire gets lit:
WSJ on Nokia, Microsoft Talk Cellphones
All Things Digital on Nokia Appears on Verge of Adopting Windows Phone, as MeeGo, Android Fade From Consideration
Google’s Vic Gundotra weighs in: “#feb11 “Two turkeys do not make an Eagle”.”
Engadget follows up with Google’s Vic Gundotra on Nokia: ‘Two turkeys do not make an Eagle’ (updated)
Tomi Ahonen enters the fray swinging:
Mr. Ahonen on The Nokia CEO ‘Burning Platform’ memo at Engadget, doesn’t ring true to my ears..
ReadWriteWeb summarizes Tomi in Former Nokia Exec Claims CEO’s “Burning Platform” Memo a Hoax

Other prominent Mobile Bloggers come out with thoughts, opinion and a bit more gasoline to throw on the fire:

Ewan on That Nokia memo; How Nokia can still screw it up; and what I want to hear on Friday
Jay Montano on The Burning Platform Memo: Elop supposedly on transforming Nokia:

“Real or Not, I want MeeGo to have a frikkin chance to do what it has been planned to do. I don’t want an either/or situation. I can’t wait for most of the speculation to be resolved on Feb 11. Then wait and see what happens at MWC.”

Ben Smith injects a bit of sanity in to the rumor brush fire with It doesn’t matter if Nokia launches a Windows Phone…
The Rumors breed more Rumors, and a Wave of Humor breaks on Twitter:
@MattMiz: “Nokia stock up 14% on rumor that Elop plans new Antarctic HQ run by robot penguins running on LISP OS” 😉
Photo illustration #1: Meanwhile at Nokia HQ…
Photo illustration #2: Nuke from Orbit
@ChanseArrington: “Less than 36 hours until #elopocalypse = less than 36 hours left of binge drinking. #excited #scared #pumped #bringit”
Finally, Eric Zeman sums up my hopes on this matter in a most precise manner:
@phonescooper: “Dear @Nokia and @Microsoft: No. Just, no. Don’t do it. DON’T. #dont”
Whatever the outcome of Friday’s Capital Markets Strategy Report by Mr. Elop will be, this is the best press run up to an event that Nokia has held in years… almost Almighty Holy Jobs style press/marketing run up. A burning media platform, in word and deed. Good job, Mr. Elop!

Tidbits :: Saturday, January 15, 2011

Things happened today. Photos gotten taken, but not posted.
What I did do today is spend another 6-8 hours fiddling with VituralBox, Windows, calling Windows Customer Service, installing Linux on VirtualBox, attempting to install and test the various components of Qt on Linux and Mac, etc. Basically, a whole day on my computer setting up a dev environment. More on this later.
Here are some links to some interesting tidbits:
Small Surfaces on Is the phone the next Swiss Army Knife?:

“Fortunately, mobile phones don’t get bigger when you install new software on them. But there’s been a long-standing debate about the utility of strong-specific digital tools (e.g. the digital camera) and weak-general tools (the camera-phone).”

The LA Times on Engelmann oaks, better than beautiful:

“You don’t have to be a descendant of one of the fathers of American botany to share in what De Fato recalls as his pleasure and amazement. The arboretum’s grove of Quercus engelmannii, pictured above, is one of the last local stands of a native tree once so common to the foothills that an alternate common name is the Pasadena oak.
The first thing that strikes you upon reaching this group of roughly 200 trees is how much more animated it is by birds, butterflies and scampering lizards than the more cultivated parts of the garden.
The second is that it is drop-dead beautiful.
Better than beautiful. Engelmanns are the oak lover’s oak.”

Make your own DUCK BACON. Yes, Duck Bacon!
Camont on Duck Prosciutto-Charcutepalooza Challenge#1. My Duck Bacon.

Tidbits :: Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tech Crunch on Guest post: Symbian OS – one of the most successful failures in tech history
Qt Developer Blogs on Experimental packages for Symbian development on Linux
Qt Mobile Development Online Training
O’Reilly on HTML5 Mobile Web Development
Sarah Parameter on Designing for iOS: Life Beyond Media Queries
asymco on What has Android done for Apple?
Think Vitamin on 23 Essential HTML 5 Resources
Chris Heilmann on A call for quality HTML5 demo markup
Tech Crunch on Why Sunsetting Delicious Matters
Jeremy Keith on Home-grown and Delicious
Userfocus on 7 myths about paper prototyping
FeldThoughts on Just Make it Faster

Tidbits :: The Wikileaks Edition

Quote of the Day:

“Wow! Assange cornered and detained, his bank account closed, Paypal refuses to accept donations from him and his lawyers are being harassed. All that mess for a broken condom?
In other news, the Bin Laden family is still wealthy.”
– Anon, Comment #82, Boing Boing post on Assange arrested in Britain

More on the WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange’s arrest:
The Guardian’s WikiLeaks US embassy cables: live updates : This is a great, big round up of live blogged links, excerpts, and commentary from The Guardian.
Mefi discusses Julian Assange Turns Himself In
Salon’s Glenn Greenwald on The lawless Wild West attacks WikiLeaks
Patrick Nielsen Hayden of Making Light on I feel a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of people suddenly facepalmed and then were silent: Commenter #7, Steve C, “And in related news, the TSA will celebrate the Fourth Amendment.”
Update on 12.08.10:
Evan Hanson in Wired on Why WikiLeaks Is Good for America: “Instead of encouraging online service providers to blacklist sites and writing new espionage laws that would further criminalize the publication of government secrets, we should regard WikiLeaks as subject to the same first amendment rights that protect The New York Times. And as a society, we should embrace the site as an expression of the fundamental freedom that is at the core of our Bill of Rights, not react like Chinese corporations that are happy to censor information on behalf of their government to curry favor.”

Tidbits :: Friday November 19, 2010

I deem today to be UX Friday. For your reading pleasure:
Peter Merholz on The Pernicious Effects of Advertising and Marketing Agencies Trying To Deliver User Experience Design with the blockbuster quote being one of the in article headlines, “Ad agencies are the new music industry”. Go read it.
Janet M. Six at UX Matters on “Going Mobile, Part II: When to Go Mobile | Reuse Your Web Design or Start from Scratch?
Marek Pawlowski in UX Magazine on “Mobile User Experience Trends on the Horizon
Luke W on “Different Approaches to Mobile App Design

Tidbits :: Monday November 8, 2010

Zadie Smith reviews ‘The Social Network’ in Generation Why?: “How long is a generation these days? I must be in Mark Zuckerberg’s generation–there are only nine years between us–but somehow it doesn’t feel that way. This despite the fact that I can say (like everyone else on Harvard’s campus in the fall of 2003) that “I was there” at Facebook’s inception, and remember Facemash and the fuss it caused; also that tiny, exquisite movie star trailed by fan-boys through the snow wherever she went, and the awful snow itself, turning your toes gray, destroying your spirit, bringing a bloodless end to a squirrel on my block: frozen, inanimate, perfect–like the Blaschka glass flowers. Doubtless years from now I will misremember my closeness to Zuckerberg, in the same spirit that everyone in ’60s Liverpool met John Lennon.
At the time, though, I felt distant from Zuckerberg and all the kids at Harvard. I still feel distant from them now, ever more so, as I increasingly opt out (by choice, by default) of the things they have embraced. We have different ideas about things. Specifically we have different ideas about what a person is, or should be. I often worry that my idea of personhood is nostalgic, irrational, inaccurate. Perhaps Generation Facebook have built their virtual mansions in good faith, in order to house the People 2.0 they genuinely are, and if I feel uncomfortable within them it is because I am stuck at Person 1.0. Then again, the more time I spend with the tail end of Generation Facebook (in the shape of my students) the more convinced I become that some of the software currently shaping their generation is unworthy of them. They are more interesting than it is. They deserve better.”
David Neary on The MeeGo Progress Report: A+ or D-?
Laurie on Why I really, really hate Instagram