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Recourse for bad auto repair?

Ok, here is the question of the day for all of you out there reading this little blog:
What recourse does one have for bad/poor auto repair besides making a complaint to the shop and to the Better Business Bureau?
Here is my situation:
In February of this year, I took my Honda into the Big O Tire Store on Bolsa Chica near the corner of Warner Ave in north Huntington Beach. My brother favors this auto repair shop because the owner/manager, Rich Lindsay, has given my brother and his friends good deals on tires. I have had tire work done at this shop previous to Feb. with no problems.
In Feb., I got new brakes, rotors, cv joints, and front axel. This work was approximately $600. When I got the car back, I noticed that the brakes would pulse when it came time to stop. I called Big O, reported the problem to Mr. Lindsay, and he told me to bring it back so he could have his guys look at it.
My mom took it back for me when I went to SXSW, as I did not need it for 8 days. When I returned, she told me that she had paid another $600 to get a new steering column and assembly. Out of a Tire Store? I was upset at her, as she is famous for getting suckered into non-necessary, expensive auto repairs. The brakes were still pulsing. And the SRS (air bag) malfunction light had now come on.
Back I went to Big O Tires mid-March, I told Mr. Lindsay that I was very frustrated as the pulse was still there and now the SRS air bags had a malfunction. He claimed that he had test driven the car, looked the brakes over again, and that there was nothing wrong with the brakes. Additionally, if I needed the SRS light looked at he could not help me that I had to go to the Honda dealer for that. I replied back that the SRS light was not on before he sold my mom on the new steering assembly and that the SRS is connected to the steering, and it was obviously his responsibility, as they had done the work. He said he would fix it, but that I owed him.
I came back a few hours later to no SRS light but the brakes were still pulsing. Best yet, the speedometer was not working. I was furious. Luckily, my dad was in town a few days later and said he would help. My dad and I discovered the Big O guys had slipped the speedometer dial arm under the metal rest stop at the zero mark when they disconnected the SRS system. Basically, it was a small screw to get me back for my persistence, as the speedometer dial arm could not have gotten into that position on its own.
I talked with my dad and we both concluded that trying to go back to Big O to get the pulsing brakes fixed was a lost cause, as I would probably get more mischief done to the system.
Over the months the pulsing has gotten worse, today I took my car in for a routine oil change and tire rotation at the local 76 station. I asked the head mechanic if he would also take a look at my brakes to figure out the source of the pulse. When I picked up my car a half hour ago, the 76 mechanic informed me that whoever had last replaced the rotors and brakes had put rotors of the wrong size on and they were causing the brakes to pulse and the brake pads to get waves in them. He said I need new rotors to replace the wrong sized ones and pads.
The car needs new rotors only 5 months after they were replaced. I am pissed. The 76 guy told me that this is something brake guys do when they want to make more money, as the rotors put on were the cheaper ones.
Ok, gang, what do you recommend:
1) Calling up Big O and drilling them several new rear ends? Then demanding that they put on the correct rotors and pads? Knowing that they will most likely fuck it up more?
2) Calling up Big O, bawling them out, and then report them to the Better Business Bureau? And go somewhere else to get new rotors?
3) ….. or is there another option that I am not thinking of?

Yikes! It is August!

I just looked at my calendar and realized that it is August 3rd. Yikes! Where has the year gone? Yikes.
Then I realized that I have been a BAD blogger as I have not posted anything since July 28th. Bad Jen. Bad Jen. Here are my excuses (I swear they are legitimate):
1) I couldn’t focus, as this week I had my first really good heartrending, heartbeating, heartbreaking crush on a good looking, compelling, intelligent man since 1999. Unfortunately, as with my last crush, this was missplaced. Damn. I need your help! People, set me up! I am good at a good number of things, but I am a boo-boo-brained when it comes to men…. I need help!
2) Friendster. It sucked me in, it sucked me down, and I lost hours. Here is the big bitch of Friendster, as first noted by Lucky, lots of hot chicks, lots of hot gay men, but where are the straight single men? Where? Where? Where? …..
Lucky wants to see nude, single, straight men, even if she is off the market. I am on the market and need to know where to find the single, straight men.
3) Working. Had to pay rent. Blah.

More on the non-jug cheap wine front…

Step aside Charles Shaw (Trader Joe’s) and 2 Buck Chuck (Beverages & More), here comes Wal-Mart into the Cheap Overblown* CA Central Valley Wine lottery.
Jish has proposed a list of really funny wine names for cheap Wally-Mundo wines.
* Everyone asks, “Jen what do you mean by Overblown wine?” Here is what I mean: wine from a hot region with hot nights (Calif. Central Valley) has tastes of hot roasted tomatoes and bell peppers mixed with the sweetness of some berry. Very bad, even Worse Headache. Just say no to Charles Shaw, folks, retain your dignity.
Spend $2.99 more at TJs and get the Spanish Sangre de Toro ($4.99) which is a very good grenache based red – tasty, balanced, not too sweet, not too dry, great price, and no headache.

Oh yeah, I forgot…

The most amusing part of last night’s Adolescents show at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach was not the crowd, it was not the bands, it was not the drunk broken bottle blood squirts, it was not my drunk friends, it was the security patrol guy.
Liz Ortega and I departed the bar/club and paid our respects to the Steve & Tony “receiving” line, walked down a long alley to the next side street where our cars were parked when a security patrol car pulled up next to us. The security guard rolled down the window to ask where we were coming from.
“A concert at Alex’s”, I reply.
“Oh,” says the security guy, “but why is everyone wearing black?”
Liz and I look at each other. We are both dressed in black. Everyone pouring down the alley is dressed in at least 50% black.
“It was a punk concert.” I said.
“Oh,” says the security guy. He looks baffled. Decides there is no threat, and drives off.
Now, the Adolescents show was in the LBC. Did I not get the memo, or has Long Beach instituted a color only dress code? Really. As I drove up Redondo towards PCH, all the girls pouring out of the lesbian bars were wearing jeans and black. Someone forgot to give them the color memo, too.
But maybe jeans count as color? Thus, the Alex’s Bar patrons in their black, grey and red dickies pants count as black. Hmm… this fashion conumdrum warrants more thinking.
When the powers that be that reside in the fashion design studios of NYC and Milan decide to make clothes that are not scary pale hippy-dippy-trippy-gypsy 70s knock-offs and actually go to real colors like bright & dark colors, then maybe I will add some non-black to my wardrobe.
Just say no to biege, khaki, pale pink, pale whatever. BLECH!
Give me cranberry, give me wine, give me sapphire blue, give me dark green, give me deep royal purple, give me vibrant apricot! Wishful thinking on my part.

Small Note

Just to let folks know, and request prayers, my step-grandpa Bill West is in the hosptial for a fractured hip. My grandma Grace is very stressed and having dizzy spells. The family is taking two day tours of duty to go down and stay with Grandma in San Diego and help her out. For the next few weeks, I am on the Wed – Friday shift. So, if you call or email, and I don’t reply right away, it is because I have very spotty cell and email acess down there. Thanks for understanding.