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It is Ponds All the Way Down

In late September a friend was telling me about a big event he was inviting photographers and influencers to. He was very excited about inviting “Insert_Name_of_Photographer_Here”. I was happy for him, smiled and nodded but had no idea who he was talking about.
Then my new issue of the PPA magazine came and had big ad for “Insert_Name_of_Photographer_Here”‘s workshops. I looked at it and thought, “Oh, that’s the guy that _____ was so excited about.” Huh. Flip page, move on.
Today, Nasim Mansurov did a write up on the Photo Plus Expo that occurred in NYC this past week. As I read Nasim’s review, I saw the name of “Insert_Name_of_Photographer_Here” and my first thought was, “No wonder I have never heard of this guy, he is a Canon shooter.”
This made me think out loud the reality that I can’t keep up with everyone who does everything and that my personal photography interests are with friends who I have met, Nokia, Nikon, film, and quirky photographers. Other than Petapixel, I don’t read any of the big news photo blogs like fStoppers or Strobist or the like.
The power of the internet is that you can find your people group and also have a depth of knowledge in a thin slice but not know everyone on the planet who is doing that activity. None of us can, there are too many spheres of influence and interests for any one person to know everything in a field of contemporary knowledge.
I am excited for my friend that he is able to hook such big fish for his client, but really people, it is small ponds all the way down.

Sunday TidBits: Delete, A Class of her Own, Farming, and love letters to Nokia

Sun 09.15.13 – Various and sundry bits from around the internet that are worth your time:
1) She Makes War has a spot on layered vocals-only song & video (above) called “Delete” about one’s life online. After nearly 20 years online, I would like to delete bits of myself.
2) More Intelligent Life on Humaira Bachal’s fight for her own education and then schools for many others in her community of Moach Goth on the edge of Karachi, Pakistan. This is both a tear-jerker and absolutely inspiring story, go read it:

“Humaira was 13 when a crazy idea struck her. “My mother used to get us ready every day, tie two ponytails for us, put 2-kilo schoolbags on our backs and send us off. We would walk for 20 minutes–but on the way not one other child in this settlement would join us. One, they did not have money, and two, nobody considered girls to be anything. Those who didn’t mind sending girls to school couldn’t afford to, because of fees, and the cost of books and uniforms. By then I was in sixth standard [the equivalent of year eight in Britain]. I thought, I’m a big star, I know everything, so I will teach them myself!”
What would become the Dream Model Street School began in 2001, with one blackboard, at home. Humaira taught ten friends of her age, seven of them girls. She started with the alphabet, in Urdu and English, and proceeded to the names of things. She supplied blank pages from her own notebooks, until it got her into trouble with her teachers. Then the friends went round asking people to donate paper, or bought scrap.
Soon, Tahira, who was 11, and three other girls were teaching alongside Humaira. “We were militant about time. Time for study, time for play, time to eat–and time to go out and recruit. We didn’t have the sense to realise we didn’t have space, books, teachers, money. We went around to houses, telling people, ‘We’ve opened a school, send your children, you must send your children!'””

3) Mother Jones’ reports on how Ohio farmer David Brandt is having great success with the old trick of crop rotation with legumes as well as not tilling the soil between crops, sounds dull but it isn’t. The future of our food and topsoil depends on experienced farmers speaking out.
4) Jay Montano says Thank you to Nokia in “Kiitos, Nokia, and Nokia fans. Love,“, which is a love letter to the last 6 plus years of Nokia’s mobile history.
5) C. Enrique Ortiz bets that Nokia’s future will be bright because they will be able to focus on the upcoming mobile lifestyle use case in “Betting on Nokia“.
Happy Sunday and may your upcoming week be delightful.

UnleashTV Special- Microsoft buys Nokia (Smart Devices Division)

Mon 09.02.13 – This evening Nokia and Microsoft announced that MSFT is buying Nokia phones division, leaving networks, maps, and Advanced Tech/R&D to Nokia Oy.
Immediately Clinton Jeff messaged me asking if I would join and Unleash the Phones UnleashTV Special on the Microsoft and Nokia deal.
The above video is our UnleashTV Special broadcast. Language, esp at the beginning, is NSFW.
My take away is that I find it interesting that Microsoft/Nokia deal talks failed earlier in the summer, Ballmer announces early retirement last week, and now Microsoft/Nokia deal is back on. Fascinating.

Help Bring Water to a Town in Orissa

Tues 08.27.13 – Anil Dash is participating in charity: water’s September campaign to bring running water and sanitation to 1000 towns in rural India.
Anil asks that we help him bring water to one town in Orissa, India:

‘As I said in the video above, I’ve been haunted by a simple quote from Gandhi: “Sanitation is more important than independence.” Those were the words of a man who gave his life fighting for that independence. It’s that important.’

I think we should. Particularly the we of us who live in California, be it LA or San Francisco, and depend – whether we know it or not – on an intricate system of imported water. We in California’s cities are so removed from the water that comes out of our taps, yet we take it completely for granted that it will come out 24/7 clean, drinkable, and reliable.
Let’s help one town in India have the same as we do every day: clean, reliable water.
The video that Anil played in his presentation above:

September Campaign 2013 – India from charity: water on Vimeo.

Foaming at the Mouth

I would like to propose a novel idea: If you wash dishes by putting concentrated dish soap directly on the sponge and then wash the dish, please please please rinse the dish soap off well with clean water afterwards. Even if you are washing your dishes in very weak dish soap water, please still rinse. Please.
My fave Vietnamese restaurant did not do this today or yesterday with one of the soup bowls. And now three hours after lunch of soup that was suspiciously foamy and smelled faintly of soap even through the sambal & basil, my stomach is churning and I am continuing to spit soap foam out of my mouth every couple of minutes.
The only entertaining part is if I try to drink a sip of diet coke all the liquid in my mouth rapidly foams the point where there is no liquid to swallow. Just foam to spit out.
Rinse, folks, rinse.

Hit the Road on a Sunday Evening

Listen: This American Life’s 494: Hit the Road
View and Listen: Photos and more audio from Andrew Forsthoefel’s walking trip across America on
View: Travel around various places with the Moon, by Leonid Tishkov.
Chew: Paul Miller takes a road trip of a very different type: He eschews the internet in all its forms for a year.
Chew and debate: Vanessa Veselka asks why there are no female road narratives in literature and popular culture. Commenters disagree with her and give examples of their own road trips or good fictional road narratives.

Video: A Microsoft-built Windows Phone: What it means for Nokia

Tues 10.02.12 – This afternoon in the 5 o’clock hour, London time, Clinton Jeff tweeted:

CJ followed up with this tweet:

After reading the WPCentral article that CJ referenced, I asked if we could do a special Google Plus Hangout to talk about the rumor that Microsoft would be possibly releasing their own Windows Phone.
Clinton Jeff and Alvin Wong, both of Unleash the Phones, and I convened on a G+ Hangout within 15 minutes to discuss the news and repercussions and the above video is a recording of our hangout.
Rumor sources with supposed inside knowledge:
WPCentral : Microsoft does indeed have their own Windows Phone in the works
WPCentral : Is Microsoft making its own Windows Phone in 2013? We discuss the options.

Boy Genius Report : With Windows Phone still failing to gain traction, Microsoft plans to launch its own smartphone