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Privacy, I believe, and other bits

Here are the tidbits and links for a Thursday afternoon in April. Enjoy!
1) TNH’s Making Light post on “Things I believe” is wonderful. I concur with her list and thank her for the list, although I did have to look up what Burgess Shale is. Also, the comments to the post make an excellent, if not eye boggling, read.
My addtion is: “I believe in the effectiveness of Diet Coke and dark chocolate at 4pm.” I believe I need some chocolate right now.
2) Danah has a good and informative rant/post on privacy.
3) My birthday party show will be on Sun. April 25th at Alex’s. Come on down.

The Brave New World from Access Code #5647

On Tuesday, I voted in the California Primary with the “eSlate” Voting Machine. Can we say counter-intuitive?
Rather than having a key pad or a touch pad or a mouse or a pen, the voting machine had a dial. Hello! Dials went out of fashion in the mid-1970s with the touch tone phone!
I found the machine very frustrating. I tried to use the screen as a touch pad to start with but soon realized that the makers of the “eSlate” machine did not design with the most common computer usage in mind but some odd left to right – up to down by using the dial method. The buttons were also frustrating.
For over 20 years we have been using an “enter” key and a mouse or touch pad at the ATM, at the supermarket, on our computers, etc. Why can’t the voting machine be similiar. New technologies have the shortest learning curve and less errror when they use standard designs rather than designs that were phased out over 20 years ago.
Bah Humbug. And where was my printout???

Notes on the “Da Vinci Code”

A few months ago… mom upset… did some research on Metafilter, and here is what I found:
1) They come in quest of the Grail – on Roslyn Chapel.
2) Rennes-le-Chateau is a small French village with… – This Metafilter post has hours of interesting, Time-Suck links. Beware.
3) And Best of All….Oak Island and all of its sundry links are worth at least 8 hours of Time-Suck and is a much better mystery than the Grail and Mary Magdalene. I promise. Pirates, booby traps, maps, miles of tunnels built hundreds of years ago with no machines…. and all of it in Canada! Novia Scotia = A Total Ecilspe of the Heart.
I promptly forgot about the whole “Da Vinci Code” to do with the Oak Island Time-Suck, until Julie Wanda loaned me the book just before Bowling. I completed it the other night, and I have to say, with many others … it is an ok to decent Romance/Thriller with all the thin characters and silliness of both genres. Regardless of my newly found literary snottiness, Jude Deveraux and Umberto Eco could have written a tighter plot in their sleep…
Ramon Jusino’s Review of the DaVinci Code

The Opus Dei reponse
Dismantling The Da Vinci Code
Dan Brown’s Web Site
My small contributions to the critiques on the novel:
a) The Lit Crit Concept of Unreliable Narrator: Ummm… So the biggest expert and proponent of the novel’s main thesis also happens to the be the Evil Guy. Hmmm… can we say Unreliable Narrator? If the main authority of the subject in the course of the book is also the main Bad Guy, does this not give Mr. Brown a big loop hole and out on any faulty research and theology?
b) The Sacred Feminine repressed and supressed by the Roman Catholic Church? What glue was Mr. Brown sniffing when he wrote the novel???? Cough, cough, cough… Mr. Brown, have you never heard of the Virgin Mary? The Queen of Heaven? Prayed to regualarily by all 1.3 billion Catholics worldwide… The Rosary… Hail Mary, Queen of Heaven. Hello!
If Mr. Brown wanted to write about the “conspiratorial” supression of the Sacred Feminine, he picked the wrong Church. Small tip for you, Mr. Brown, Protestants – not Catholics – are very afraid of the Sacred Feminine.

Notes from a Sunday Afternoon

1) Ralph Nader – Please, Just say no. J.D. Lasica sums it up best:

“This man has neither conscience nor shame.”

2) Bless them. Scientists at the University of Minnesota have developed a way to produce a renewable source of Hydrogen for fuel cells that is not based in oil/fosil fuels but in corn derived ethanol. Farmers of America will be happy:

“Researchers say they have produced hydrogen from ethanol in a prototype reactor small enough and efficient enough to heat small homes and power cars.
The development could help open the way for cleaner-burning technology at home and on the road.
Current methods of producing hydrogen from ethanol require large refineries and copious amounts of fossil fuels, the University of Minnesota researchers said. “

3) Lots of lovely, happy rain the last few days. More to come. Orange County is still 6 inches below the normal rainfall.
4) SXSW here I come. I have paid for my Interactive and Music badges, I have the $$ for 8 days of hotel room, now I just need to save $$ for food & misc. whilst in Austin. Yeah!
5) I have decided that I will be upping the speed on my job search, while I love my freelance clients, I am going bonkers at home with just my computer. I would like to get a full-time web design or web master job at a real, live company. If you know of any positions in the LA/OC area, please let me know. Thanks!

Jumping two-footed into hope

“Jumping two-footed into hope” – Now, that’s a quote. The story of my life and a good reminder of how to act in the future.
Real Live Preacher is back:

I will never know exactly what Jesus said, how he said whatever he did say, or what he meant when he said whatever he said in whatever way he said it.
You see my problem.
What I have are the tattered words, songs, and gospel remnants from twenty centuries of people jumping two-footed into hope. That

‘Tis the Season to go screaming into the woods or the concrete jungle…. Yes, the Election Season is upon us. To keep from throwing up every meal whilst watching TV or reading the news, I encourage you to go check out Get Active. Activate.

Bush in 30 Seconds

The Bush in 30 Seconds website and collaborative has announced the winners of the film contest.
The Overall Winner is “Child’s Pay.” reports:

The winning spot in MoveOn’s “Bush in 30 Seconds” ad contest didn’t compare President George W. Bush to Hitler. It didn’t even call him a liar, or castigate him for deceiving the nation into war. The commercial that triumphed over more than 1,000 other entries — and that will run 30 times on CNN during the week of Bush’s State of the Union address, and possibly during the Super Bowl as well — was a subtle, elegiac and nearly wordless indictment of the burden Bush is shunting onto future generations with his deficits. It was made by Charlie Fisher, a 38-year-old advertising executive and father of two from Denver, a fiscal conservative who was a registered Republican until 1992.

My personal favorite is “In My Country.”
Here are the finalists of the Bush in 30 Seconds contest.