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Warning: Boy in a Great Bathing Suit

God only knows how I have this site filed under “Design” in my Bookmarks… but WOW! and Hee hee hee…. All the way home… Cough Cough Cough.
Anywho, I just got off the phone with Thomas. I was explaining the concept of blogging to him, when I told him I would send him links of design folks who blog. There I am, looking in the “Design” section of my bookmarks, when I stumble across this…
Make sure to click on the man in the fun striped bathing suit to see all his poses.

San D’Eggy and some fun links…

As my last act before I go to bed on Late Tuesday/Very Early Wednesday, and before I go into 3 days of very little internet connectivity (agggh… the shakes, withdrawal…), here are a few notes and links:
The only thing I can get my mother, the technophobe, to turn on her computer for is the on-going blog of Salam Pax. For all of the doubters, and mom was not one of them, Salam has been revealed to be the real thing. I personally have appreciated his perspective and voice. As the Aussie’s would say, Good on ya!
Do not let fear run your life and thoughts. Laugh Hard. Go to Boing-Boing’s Gallery of SARS Art….
In the long line of Internet Quizzes, which do a much better job of tongue-in-cheek personality assessments than Cosmo, comes the “Which OS are you?” quiz. I am proud to announce that I am Red Hat Linux (thanks to Metafilter for the link).

Memorial Day 2003


My mom’s side of the family is OVERWHELMING… Large, Irish Clan that has way too much energy and is always in everyone else’s business. Athletic and Nosey, a bad combo. My dad’s side of the family is laid back and non-nosey to the point of non-existence. My dad’s family is happy to get together once every decade or so, a phone call a year suffices. Mom’s fam is just the opposite.
Memorial Day 2001, my dad and I visited his mother’s grave for the first time since 1978, all total this was 2nd time we had visited since Grandma had died in 1968 when I was 3 months old. Both times, my dad had to call someone else to find out where the cemetery was. Me, I google it. I have visited each Memorial Day since 2001, and still can’t remember were the cemetery is other than in a track of houses adjacent to Lincoln and State College.
Last Monday, I bought gerba daisies, drove over to the cemetery, and put a flower on Grandma Marlyce’s grave, Great Aunt Vernice’s grave, and Great Grandma Evelyn’s grave.
From there, I met Erika in Huntington Beach and we went for a long walk around the Bolsa Chica wetlands reserve. The smell of firepits and bbq drifted over Pacific Coast Hwy from the Bolsa Chica State Beach to us as we walked through the wetlands and around the Mesa. Plenty of wildflowers and birds – egrets, herons, terns, savanna sparrows, etc. A wonderful way to finish the afternoon.
Click on the following thumbnails for my pictures of the columbine flowers I planeted at my brother’s house 3 years ago (row 1), and Bolsa Chica wetlands walk (row 2 & 3).

OC Scottish Games 2003 Pics

Pipe and Drum Competition Grounds

Here are my pictures from this last weekend’s Scottish Games at the OC Fairgrounds. I spent the better part of both Sat. & Sun. watching the Pipe & Drum band competition. The best part of this, besides lots of men in kilts, is that the Pipe & Drum band competition is always held in this lovely willow shaded area between two quonsen huts. This year, a black phoebe was nesting in the area, and I was able to get photos of both mom and baby!
Besides the Pipe & Drum bands, I have also included a few pics of the athletic games and other funny random sights that caught my eye, such as the Tartan Midgets and a man wearing a t-shirt that so nicely captured the proper spirit of the battle between SoCal and NoCal.
Click on the thumbnails for the larger pictures.

Men in Kilts!

Matt from the Real McKenzies - April 27, 2002

Today is Thursday, for most folks in the US, they are eagerly anticipating their first big weekend of the Summer, Memorial Day weekend. My brother took off yesterday for the River and won’t be back until next wednesday. But for me, I stay in Orange County, ignore BBQ invites and other attempts to lure me away from my 3rd biggest social weekend of the year….
#1 most anticpated and fun social event on Jen’s annual Calendar: DIY Bowling
#2 most anticipated and fun social event of the year: SXSW
#3 most anticipated event: Scottish Games at the OC Fairgrounds
Yes, I have a personal fetish for men wearing kilts, with my biggest preferrence in punk men in kilts. Thus the annual pilgrimmage down the 55 freeway to Costa Mesa on Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.
Pipe and Drum band competitions, large men in sports kilts tossing things, cute sheep dogs attempting to round up sheep, small children dancing, big exhibition halls filled with booths, bad British food and lots of beer for those who drink it, and the spectacle of it all.
Yep, that is the best part. The spectacle of it all. Men of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities (don’t have to be Scottish), and ages, all wearing kilts. God bless ’em.


For years attendees of the Games could bring their dogs, then last year the fairgrounds attempted to clamp down and say no dogs after a certain number, but I was able to sneak in my mom’s dog, Freckles. This year all of the documentation tells you to leave your dog at home. This is sad, as bringing a dog, even a rented one like mom’s, is a great way to meet the small children of men in kilts… ;o)
Top photo of the Real McKenzies by Jen; photo at 2002 Scottish Games by Erika.

Flying through the air with the greatest of Ease…

Ok…so I got feedback about the photos I posted from the birthday party… folks wanted to know – “Where is the Air Purse picture???”. Here it is, in all of its glory. Someone needed their purse across the room, someone tossed it, I actually got it on the digital camera. Hmmm…. have another glass of wine?

Noon to 9pm : Orange to Gorman and Back Again

Yesterday (4/26/03) was Grandpa Bill West’s 87th birthday, on the drive back to OC, I told my mom that I really wanted to drive up to the CA Poppy Reserve and see the flowers. She called me at 10:30am today and asked if I wanted to go.
Noon: Mom, myself, and Freckles the Dog left the grand city of Orange in the Mom-a-Saurus Explora-Saurus vehicle. There was a small futile conversational attempt on my part to convince her to go in my Honda Civic, as gas is now over $2…
Lunch: Where else? But El Camino Real, in Fullerton. Cheap, good, and the ice for the drinks is the lovely small, extruded ice bits.
Real Purpose of Wildflower Hunt: Drive all over Southern California on a lovely day and get away from people.
Route: 22 W to 5 North (stop in Fullerton for lunch) to 91 West to 605 N (avoid the 5 fwy between the OC county line and downtown LA like the plague) to 210 W to 5 N to 14 N to Ave I W (Lancaster Rd.) to Poppy Reserve to 138 W to Gorman Post Rd. to 5 N to Frazier Park W to Mt. Pinos back to 5 S to 210 E to 605 S to Dinner (Cerritos, Indian Food) to 91 E to 5 South to 22 E to Jen Home.

The truth of the matter is that Mom and I have a history of “just taking a small little drive” on a Sunday. Once we started in San Diego and ended up in Mammoth, Mom Husband #2 was not so pleased with us. Today’s drive was delightful, temps in the 60s (F), big clouds in the sky, the tail end of April post-rain wildflowers, the dog happily alert in the backseat, etc.
The best parts of the drive were all the poppies from west Lancaster to Gorman, the lupine & poppies on the hillsides of Gorman, and driving up to Mt. Pinos and seeing snow. When one lives in SoCal, snow is actually a fun sightseeing activity.
While at dinner at the Ashoka the Great, Mom said, “Today is the sort of thing that you ought to write about in your new blog. You know, going from City to Desert to Mountains back to City again.” Ever since I showed her Where is Raed, Mom really likes the idea of blogs, even though she doesn’t like to turn on her own computer….