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Road Trip, Part II: The Real Timmy the Turtle

Timmy the TurtleOn Tuesday, in San Francisco, I got to personally meet the real Timmy the Turtle. Not the cute, human male otherwise known as Tim Grim (or Timmy McD or… or… or…), but Timmy the real live turtle.
On Monday, I hung out around the hotel working on my computer while my mom went to her teacher training. That evening mom and I went to suishi and then decided at 8pm to explore the area. We drove through San Jose, then got on the freeway and drove to Santa Cruz. We went out to a bluff, watched the bonfires and saw the lights across the Monterey Bay. The moon was fuller and Mars was out and blazing.
On Tuesday, I took mom’s Explorasaurus and drove up the 101 to have lunch with Vanessa, Tom, and Floyd of Fat Wreck. As I got to the Fat office, Timmy the real Turtle was having her tank cleaned by the turtle cleaning guy. Given that Vanessa is the Official Turtle Monitor, we had to hang out while the turtle cleaning guy finished. News flash: the reptile known as Timmy is a female.
After lunch, I went up to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to see their permanent collection and the Marc Chagall exhibit. The ticket was $15… CHOKE! COUGH! See Meg’s blog post on Why State Arts Funding Matters… I think we ought to, like the Brits, put a portion of lottery funds to arts and culture so that museums and other cultural destinations are free or low cost. The arts should be open to as many people as possible, not just the rich.
I finished the day up in San Rafael to have dinner with co-founder, Alex West. We had dinner at a delightful restaurant called Limelight and then walked up and down the main drag of San Rafael, 4th St.
I flew back to SoCal yesterday (Wed.) morning, and had my scissors confiscated by the security staff at the San Jose airport. Oh well, you know me, the hairdressing terrorist… ;oP Sir, would you like a mohawk while you sit here waiting for your plane?

Roasted Garlic Road Trip

Last Tuesday, my mom called and asked me if I would drive up with her to San Jose on Sunday (yesterday), after a bit of hemming and hawwing, I said yes. I have a lot of work to do right now and was afraid of losing a few good days of design time, but figured if we were going to the heart of the Silicon Valley, the hotel would have to have internet connection, right?
When we left Costa Mesa yesterday around 3:30pm, it was hot and vaguely humid. The drive through LA was surprisingly easy, and the Grapevine was quite beautiful even if a little scorched from fire. The native, undeveloped Californian hills are really beautiful at this time of year – all golden grasses and green-grey oak trees dotting them.
The Central Valley was HOT and we stopped in Buttonwillow for dinner at Dennys. Dennys – yuck, but I love the name of Buttonwillow for a highway-side fast food pit stop.
The true delight of the drive was exiting interstate 5 to travel on the 152 to the 101. It was about 10pm when we left the Central Valley on the 152, the moon was almost full and was shining on the hills turning them silver. As we twisted and turned down the hills into Gilroy, the air was faint with the smell of roasted garlic. Silver hills, big dark oaks & eucypltus trees, and the smell of garlic.
I have a feeling that Gilroy and its environs is far more enchanting in the moonlight, than in the light of day…
We rolled into Sunnyvale around 11:30pm, and I was happy to see that the hotel had a businees center with an ethernet connection. But today upon investigation, the ethernet is now off and they have connected Wi-Fi. Yeah, I said, but the hotel guest services manager informed me that it would not be turned on for guests until Wednesday. I leave on Wednesday.
Here I am on dial-up in the hotel room. I am working today and then tomorrow meeting up with Alex West in San Francisco to trot around to the museums.

Sci-Fi Fan Quiz – Who would you be?

Thanks to the Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You? link at Carol’s Chaotic Collection of Curiosities, I took the quiz and found out that I am Galadriel:

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

Possessing a rare combination of wisdom and humility, while serenely dominating your environment you selflessly use your powers to care for others.

Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.

Galadriel is a character in the Middle-Earth universe. You can read more about her at the Galadriel Worshippers Army.

Hmmm… last time I checked, I was small, cute, brown haired, and more than a little mischievious. I would have pegged myself as a hobbit, not Galadriel! ;op

Links, Stories, and …

This week has been crazy and I apologize for not posting this week, I suck. It is now 1:05 am on late Wed/early Thurs. and my brain is fried.
But here are a few fun things:
1) – This is Six Degrees of Seperation meets Peer 2 Peer Friend Trading…. I have been on for a week or two due to Yvonne Garrett in NYC inviting me, then LuLu reminded me of the site on Monday, and ever since I have been addicted. All kinds of people are on Friendster, and the best part is that my favorite cute punk boys are on it! Yeah! Drool…
2) I just spent the last two days writing a story for my Fiction class at UCLA, and I turned it in tonight. I feel like my baby just left the nest. It is 15 pages long and is about a night at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach. I think it is too long to post here. I started my fiction series with Paul’s in Orange, then Alex’s in Long Beach, maybe I need to set my next story in a church on a Sunday morning after the Saturday night…
3) I have nothing more to report other than I need to go to bed… bye.

Thursday – Mom Surfing at Bolsa Chica

As most of you know, my mom recently quit her job teaching junior high so she could have more time to surf. My mom, Surfer Sue, has been surfing since the mid-1950s.
On thursday, she went surfing down at Bolsa Chica and was lightly stung by a baby sting ray on her baby toe. This caused stress and anxiety but the nice young lifeguards recommended soaking the offended body part in the hottest water one can stand. The LA Times on Friday reported a rash of sting ray attacks in Seal Beach and Bolsa Chica recently due to increased ocean temps. Mom says the water feels like Hawaii.
But the real highlight of her day was while paddling out to the break a big set came in, she was on the right shoulder of wave when 3 dolphins were surfing towards her on the shoulder of the wave. To avoid a direct hit by large marine mammals, mom turned parallel to the wavew hich is not a good idea for the human who ought to be perpendicular to the wave. By being parallel to the wave mom barely avoided being sucked into the wave as it broke but she did avoid hurting the dolphins with her board or being hit by 800 lbs of Flipper.
Mom says that it was very amazing to see them so close. She said that in the last two years there has been a definite increase in dolphin sightings, as she now sees them at least every weekend.
On Sat., Erika sent me the following “amusing” dolphin stess test.

The Scavenger Hunt


On Tueday evening Erika and Thomas came over for dinner and as I was prepping the food, 4 junior high school aged girls came down the driveway carrying a large lamp shade. They knocked on the screen door and told us that they were on a scavenger hunt. They needed something bigger and better and weirder than the lamp shade that they could trade us for.
Erika, Thomas, and Lauren and I looked at each with mental wheels turning, when I said, “Let’s go look in the garage.”
I opened the garage, and tried to interest the girls in my broken grey plastic Honda glovebox still containing last year’s registration & insurange. No go. Then I tried to interest them in the 4 feet of 80 yr. old cast iron Y-plumbling joint that had been excavated out from under the house during the Christmas Eve Plumbing Disaster. No go.
Just as they started to get discouraged and concerned that the boy team from their school would win, Thomas looked down the little dead end side space between the garage and the fence and he had a huge impish grin on his face.
“The Car Hood!” I said, smiling as well. “Can I interest you ladies in an old car hood?”
The girls looked and exclaimed, “Ooh, that is good.” They talked amongst themselves, decided that they wanted to canvass the neighborhood to see if they could get anything else, but knew they would win the contest with the car hood – due to weight, size, and plain oddness of the item. They said they would come back and asked us to not tell anyone that they had been by or about the car hood. We told them that if they did come back, that they could have the car hood for free and they did not need to bring us a trade item.
The Car Hood was discovered six or so months ago when the next door neighbors decided to install a new fence running down the property line and they had to have the gardeners clear off all of the ivy and morning glories from the old fence and from their source root spot, the side dead-end space between the fence and my garage. When the mass of 20 years of plant material was cleared, all kinds of old junk was found in this space, including the car hood.
I was able to get the city and Waste Management to take all the bulky items except the car hood. They wouldn’t take it. As a renter, I was not about to find a truck to take the car hood to the dump myself. So, it continued to languish in the space that some previous tenant had left it.
Until the young ladies of the Scavenger hunt! Ha! They came back about 30 mins later and decided to take off with the Car Hood. Bless them. I hope they won, because I sure did!

Davezilla on the News

If you aren’t already a daily fan, as I am, of Davezilla’s Tomfoolery and Monkeyshine blog, then you must start by reading and viewing the following Post “And About the News.”
Humor is essential in everyone’s lives. How Davezilla manages to come up with 2-3 posts per day is beyond me, but I am very thankful.