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November 23, 2003

Thanks to Molly for giving the blogs up on this….
Nov. 23, 2003 – Opus will be back! Yep, my favorite penguin of all time will be returning to the sunday comics.
Berkeley Breathed in the Washington Post:

At the National Cartoonists Society meeting this May, he seemed itching to return to his old broadsheet format.

“I can’t say it wouldn’t be appealing to bring back Opus to the Sunday pages,” Breathed told those gathered, according to Editor & Publisher. “It was painful to sit through the war without a public voice.”

Happy Hairy Fishnuts to Opus!

Excitement in the Neighborhood…


Over the course of the last few weeks the City of Orange has been repaving the streets in my neighborhood. Before the Street Fair/Labor Day weekend, they had paved/slurried most of the North-South running streets, but had not yet hit the East-West streets in the southwest quadrant of Old Town.
The day after Labor Day tall orange traffic stands with notices went up on my street announcing that there could be no parking 7am – 4pm on Thurs., 9/4. I made sure my car was parked on the nearest non-about-to-be-paved street, put my camera within reach, and listened intently for the paving crew.
I had hoped for BIG GIGANTIC tar bleching, 100 yard long, machinery setting down new tarmac. But I was disppointed to find one smallish slurry machine and three guys laying down a thin, new layer of tar. Slightly sad, but the freshly laid slurry was steamy and glisteny, so I suppose it was still cool.


The Political Compass

The Political Compass has been around and linked all over the place for a couple of years now. I have taken the quiz a couple of times now over the last two years, and each time, I end up a wee bit more to the left. The Compass places me in the Left Libertarian quadrant, which is where I would have place myself, but I did not expect how much to the left I would be.
Ms. Jen’s political compass
Economic Left/Right: -5.88
Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.74
I grew up in a conservative Republican family, the main part of the family has remained Republican, while myself, my mom, and my dad have consistently gotten more liberal as the years have gone by. My mom and I joke about it saying that she is a Republican in Recovery and has had 2 years of sobriety. I have had 10 years of political sobriety, as I first registered Independent in 1993.
Last night at the 2nd Annual Labor Day BBQ in my backyard, one end of the table got talking about politics and I asked if people had taken the Politcal Compass quiz, and they had not. Take it, and let us know how you do.

New Trend? Blog Spam…

MovableType is such a lovely blogging software/platform. When you receive a comment to a post, MT will send you an email to alert you. Imagine my surprise just moments ago to receive an email from my MT system alerting me of this comment posted to my “I Rant and Rave” post of last month.
No longer are money hungry spammers/con artists content to email me, but now they are combining their politics with my blog and spamming all my readers, too. How fascinating. To comment on the post, fine. To ask for money “confidentially”, no.

I do recognizes the surprise this urgent but confidential letter will bring to you especially as it came from a stranger, but be rest assured that it came with the best intentions.

This individual, although not a resident of Royal Oak, MI, needs to be listed on Davezilla’s Freak Watcher’s website. Mr. Shetima’s IP address locates him in Jerusalem and not Dubai….
If I have any extra funds to send to political causes, I will not be sending it to the PLO or other disenfranchised Middle Eastern folk, but instead I will be sending it to Jack Lloyd Grisham’s gubernatorial campaign or I will buy the new TSOL cd, “Divided We Stand” on Sept. 23, 2003!

Dream Interpretation?

Anyone reading this blog into dream interpretation? If so, what does it mean in a dream when your teeth start to break? Not lose a whole tooth at once, but you keep having a tooth shatter into bits which then have to be spit out?
I have had this tooth shattering sequence in two dreams recently. Odd.

How to be Celibate in the era of killer STDs

Tonight is the second to last class of Fiction I at UCLA. I have enjoyed the class immensely and have had fun with the weekly excercises and the final draft short story I turned in last week.
Many of my other stories/writing I have posted here, but I have not with the short story for this class. There are several reasons: length (the story is 5,000 words), protecting the innocent (there are a few real people in the story, I have their permission to use them, but I don’t want to abuse that trust), and I might want to try and submit it to a magazine and *if* it is accepted I don’t know if putting it up on one’s blog counts as previously published. If you would like to read it, email me and I may email you the word doc.
Tonight’s Strangeness/Humor homework assignment was to write a “How to…” in the manner of Lorrie Moore’s story, “How to Become a Writer.” Here is my attempt:


Road Trip, Part II: The Real Timmy the Turtle

Timmy the TurtleOn Tuesday, in San Francisco, I got to personally meet the real Timmy the Turtle. Not the cute, human male otherwise known as Tim Grim (or Timmy McD or… or… or…), but Timmy the real live turtle.
On Monday, I hung out around the hotel working on my computer while my mom went to her teacher training. That evening mom and I went to suishi and then decided at 8pm to explore the area. We drove through San Jose, then got on the freeway and drove to Santa Cruz. We went out to a bluff, watched the bonfires and saw the lights across the Monterey Bay. The moon was fuller and Mars was out and blazing.
On Tuesday, I took mom’s Explorasaurus and drove up the 101 to have lunch with Vanessa, Tom, and Floyd of Fat Wreck. As I got to the Fat office, Timmy the real Turtle was having her tank cleaned by the turtle cleaning guy. Given that Vanessa is the Official Turtle Monitor, we had to hang out while the turtle cleaning guy finished. News flash: the reptile known as Timmy is a female.
After lunch, I went up to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to see their permanent collection and the Marc Chagall exhibit. The ticket was $15… CHOKE! COUGH! See Meg’s blog post on Why State Arts Funding Matters… I think we ought to, like the Brits, put a portion of lottery funds to arts and culture so that museums and other cultural destinations are free or low cost. The arts should be open to as many people as possible, not just the rich.
I finished the day up in San Rafael to have dinner with co-founder, Alex West. We had dinner at a delightful restaurant called Limelight and then walked up and down the main drag of San Rafael, 4th St.
I flew back to SoCal yesterday (Wed.) morning, and had my scissors confiscated by the security staff at the San Jose airport. Oh well, you know me, the hairdressing terrorist… ;oP Sir, would you like a mohawk while you sit here waiting for your plane?