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Yesterday was the Earth’s Birthday!

Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

According to Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens, the Earth’s birthday is Oct. 21st. She is a Libra, and is now 6007 years old, so says the book. Happy Birthday to Mother Earth…

Current theories on the creation of the Universe state, that, if it was created at all and didn’t just start, as it were, unofficially, it came into being ten and twenty thousand million years ago. By the same token the earth itself is generally supposed to be about four and a half thousand million years old.

These dates are incorrect.

Medieval Jewish scholars put the date of the Creation at 3760 B.C. Greek Orthodox theologians put Creation as far back as 5508 B.C.

These suggestions are also incorrect.

Archbishop James Usher (1580-1656) published Annales Veteris et Novi Testamenti in 1654, which suggested that the Heaven and the Earth were created in 4004 B.C. One of his aides took the calculation further, and was able to announce triumphantly that the Earth was created on Sunday the 21st of October, 4004 B.C. at exactly 9:00 A.M., because God like to get work done early in the morning while he was feeling fresh.

This too was incorrect. By almost a quarter of an hour.

…the Earth’s a Libra.

The astrological prediction for Libra in the “Your Stars Today” column of the Tadfield Advertiser, on the day this history begins, read as follows:

LIBRA 24 September – 23 October

You may be feeling run down and always in the same old daily round. Home and family matters are highlighted and are hanging fire. Avoid unnecessary risks. A friend is important to you. Shelve major decisions until the way ahead seems clear. You may be vulnerable to a stomach upset today, so avoid salads. Help could come from an unexpected quarter.

This was perfectly correct on every count except the bit about the salads.

Last night, Tues. Oct. 21, 2003, I hosted the postponed Book Club at my place, and we discussed life, the world, supermarket strikes, grading papers, food, the amazing (or horrifying) nursing & poo antics of babies & toddlers, and a little bit of the book. I read above exerpt that talked about the Earth’s creation date and her horoscope for the day and then Heather pointed out that today was the Earth’s birthday. We all got a good laugh that Good Omens Book Club was on a date that featured prominently in the book.

Out of Control Crafts

The Tampon Angel (via Teresa Nielsen Hayden).
The big question that the website doesn’t answer is which brand of tampons to use? Tampax for a tall angel or OB for a short angel?
If you are crafty, then I double dog dare one of you to make one and display it on your tree this year…
[Side note: it is really frightening that tampon manufacturers have very peppy promotional websites in pink and blue.]

Sugar Plum: The Countdown Begins

Sugar Plum's Odometer

Sugar Plum, my lovely – albeit a wee cosmetically battered – 1993 Honda Civic, is now at 198,541 miles. Given that I drive approximately 30,000 miles a year, Sugar Plum ought to turn over 200,000 before the end of October.
I plan on carrying my camera with me close to the due date to make sure I get a picture of all of those zeros.

Psycho Hair?


About once a week, I like to try a new hairdo. Lucky always has the best and most inventive ‘dos for long hair. She has one she does frequently with a roll in the front and the back in curls or in a ponytail. I have tried to recreate it twice now with varying rates of success; last week’s attempt looked like a wedding hairdo gone wrong and today’s attempt looks like a chola ‘do from the front and a psycho “V” from the front/side. Sigh.
I think my hair is too thick, a bit long on top, and I am possibly taking too big of a front section. It does not help that I went mad cutting my bangs the other day and have barely 1/2 inches left…. oops…

The 52 Most Dangerous American Officials Deck of Cards

French activist Thierry Meyssan, president of the Paris-based Reseau Voltaire group, is not content to re-write history or at least be a good conspiracy theorist with incendiary books, but his think tank has released a highly amusing deck of playing cards that highlights the 52 Most Dangerous US Government Officials.
The Reseau Voltaire website has a pdf of all 52 cards in English. The deck features two Jokers: Osama and the Weapons of Mass Destruction, Rumsfield is the Ace of Spades, The Puppet Master (D. Cheney) as the Ace of Diamonds, and as the King of Diamonds…..


George W. Bush – Head of a baseball club and director of Salem bin Laden’s oil company (brother of Osama). Designated President of the United States by friends of his father at the Supreme Court before the vote count showed that he lost the elections.

Monseir Meyssan missed all the lovely Team 100 folk who made the Bush Dynasty possible….

Long Beach’s Newest Resident

I’d like to welcome Long Beach/Signal Hill’s newest resident of the week:
Dave, Kim, and baby Nathan
The announcement email from Dave:

Nathan David Hocking was born into the Hocking Household on Monday, September 22nd 2003, at 1:02 pm. He weighed 7 lbs 4 oz, and measured 20-1/2 inches. Mother and Baby are doing fine, and Ariana is ecstatic!

The proud dad,

David H.

Big Congratulations to the Hocking Family!!!


turtletao.jpgMy new made up word for the day: Turtlerific!
This morning, as I was prepping for the day, I found myself bouncing around the house chirping, “Turtlerific!”
Turtlerific \tert-‘l-‘rif-ik\ adj, a sub-set of American English, California dialect circa 2003, 1. better than terrific due to having turtles involved.

Sod’s Law of Desperately Needed Sleep

A new corollary of Sod’s Law (or Murphy’s Law) is that of Deperately Needed Sleep…
After a night of tossing, turning and general insomnia, just when you finally fall asleep at 6:30am, the City of Orange will and does send out their chainsaw crew to prune/hack/top/kill all the pines on Center St exactly at 6:52am and will continue to chainsaw away until 10:45am, whereupon the wood chipper gets turned on.
Even with earplugs and a pillow over your head, the chainsaws really do sound like they are next to your bedroom window.