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Why I live at the P.O.


While I have not moved to the local Post Office out of petulance and a crazy family, I do enjoy my daily visit to the local Post Office to peer into my mailbox and then go to get the LA Times. This routine gets me out of the house, gets me on my bicycle, and gets a wee bit of interaction with humans rather than my computer.
Today, I had a parcel notice in my P.O. Box and stood in line to pick up my package. As Post Office clerk brought out a small priority mail box, he was smirking. In a loud voice, he asked me, “What is Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash?” All the folks in line to mail Christmas packages just looked at me. I laughed!
Wahooo! My order from View Askew has arrived. For two years I have been threatening to order this particular item, and I have. I ordered it less than a week ago and the folks at Secret Stash have delivered.

Bookclub and Gill Kitty

Meg's Living Room

Last night was the 20th meeting of our Bookclub at Meg’s house. Meg and Murray have been in their apartment for just over two years and they have made a very beautiful home. The excellent wall color choice for each room and art hung on the walls and sculptural pieces in the rooms has the cummulative effect of rich and restful. The best part is that Meg and Murray are frequently re-arranging furniture, thus each visit has a new surprise.
The best new surprise of last night was Gilbert the Beta Kitty. Gill is three months old and a love bug. I am allergic to cats, but I made fast friends with Gill.

sm120203gilkitty.jpg sm120203gilljulie.jpg sm120203meggil.jpg

Sugar Plum turns 200,000!

Sugar Plum turns 199,999

Today at 11:53am, Sugar Plum, my lovely 1993 Honda Civic, turned 199,999 miles.

Sugar Plum turns 200,000

At approx. 12:04PM, after a stop at the cleaners, Sugar Plum turned 200,000 on McFadden Ave. Go Sugar Plum Go!

Gabriel Orozco’s “Ping Pond Table”

Ping Pond Table

On Thursday evening, Thomas, Erika, and I went up to MOCA for the free Thursdays. We parked in Little Tokyo and started at the Geffen Contemporary for the “Sitings: Installation Art 1969 – 2002” exhibition.
Murray had raved to me about the Frank Gehry’s “Works in Progress” exhibition up at the main MOCA space, but after viewing both exhibitions, I preferred a few of the installations at the Geffen that were so delightful, lilting, and just plain fun that when I got to Gehry’s exhibition I wanted to plop in the middle of Gehry’s models and interact with them. That would have been a no go. Security is funny that way.
The best of the installations that we were allowed to interact with were at the Geffen: Gabriel Orozco’s “Toilet Ventilators” and “Ping Pond Table” and Gregor Schneider’s “Dead House Ur.”
Orozco’s two installations were on the second floor landing, the “Toilet Ventilators” were 4 ceiling fans with rolls of toilet paper at the end of each fan blade trailing toilet paper through the air over the “Ping Pond Table” installation. From the entrance of the Geffen, one would look to the left and see the festive ceiling fans with their streamers, it was only upon arriving up on the second floor landing that I realized that the streamers were toilet paper.
The “Ping Pond Table” was manufactured in a four-leafed clover shape with a lily pond in the middle where the net ought to be. Erika asked security if we were allowed to play ping pond. And we were. And we did. And we had a blast. And we lost lots of balls to the pond, we plucked them out, shook off the water and continued on. A group of students from Point Loma University joined us and we played four way ping pond. Thomas had his camera and Erika took the photos that you see here.
Get thee down to the Geffen and play water ping pond.

Ping Pond Table

Just Call Me MC BlaPho – Happy Halloween!

After dinner last night and dropping off CDs to Lucky, I went over to Alex’s Bar to buy pre-sale tickets for Wanda and David for tonight’s Halloween Ball with Throwrag. This would be my 2nd attempt to buy tix for Wanda and David, and I was successful.
I was also successful at getting recruited by Mr. Alex to be the MC for tonight’s Halloween Costume Contest. I will be the MC and final Judge. (*snort*)
Just call me MC BlaPho. (*ha*)
Happy Halloween!