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Wanda Jackson on NPR’s Fresh Air

As I was out running errands today, I tuned into the local NPR station and heard Fresh Air’s Terry Gross interviewing Wanda Jackson.

She had several hits in the late ’50s and early ’60s, including “Mean Mean Man,” “Let’s Have a Party” and “Fujiyama Mama.” In the ’70s she kept recording music, mostly gospel. She’s 65 now and still touring. She’s just released her first studio recording in 15 years, Heart Trouble. Guest musicians, including Elvis Costello and The Cramps, join her for several tracks.

I recommend tuning into your NPR station today for Fresh Air or listening to the interview online. Not only is Wanda Jackson one of the most gracious women alive, but she is a pleasure to listen to. Fresh Air plays a few tracks off the new album.
Wanda Jackson’s Website
UPDATE: Sigh… I meant to post this over on the Blog, but instead chose my bookmark too quickly without looking… Oops.

Crown is Up


Big thanks to Dan Callis, the painter of Crown, for coming over to find the wall studs and hang the painting up with earthquake proof hooks. The living room actually feels like home now.

Mirror Project Submission #3

After months of taking bad self-portraits in hopes of finding something to submit to the Mirror Project, I finally took a photo worth sending in on Sunday night at the Grisham for Governor Rally at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood.
I was downstairs when Gina Martinez introduced me to Stuart from the English Dogs. Gina wanted a picture of her and Stuart together, and I took one. The next day I was looking through my photos of the event and found that I was in the mirror behind Gina and Stuart. I submitted it to the Mirror Project.
Unfortunately, I did not get to see the English Dogs while they were in LA this last weekend even though I heard great reports of their shows at the Knitting Factory and Alex’s Bar, but I do hope that Stuart and Jock had a lovely time at Disneyland on Monday.

Links to recent photos

Julie Wanda and Lulu at Black Flag

As promised here are the links to my recent photo essays and the like:
Warped Tour 2003
The Dragons
Black Flag
I still need to put together the photos from the Briefs, the Epoxies and the Pervs show from last Sunday and the Lucky Stars show on Friday.
I do apologize for the photo quality on the Black Flag photos, but I was pressed into service by Alex with only a disposable camera on hand.

The Mirror Project


I have been attempting to take a series of decent self-portraits in hopes of coming up with a fun image to send to the Mirror Project. Instead, I keep coming up with some fairly deranged photos… must be my state of mind peeping out.

Alex’s Alley


As Lucky, her boyfriend Greg, and I departed out of Alex’s Bar on Saturday night, we walked down the back alley to our cars on Orizaba St. The bright light shining at an angle along the alley, catching shadows on Greg, was a thing of beauty.