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I, Jenifer Hanen (aka Ms. Jen), am a mobile and web designer/developer by trade, a photographer and professional art weirdo for the love of it.

My art & design career started in the high chair with my love of personal food art and food wall art at the age of 11 months. My love for photography took off when given a Nikon FG-1 film camera for my 15th birthday. Many concerts, birds, trees and people photos later, I almost always carry my Nokia camera phone and on occasion my Nikon D800/D850 DSLR camera or my Nikon FM3a film SLR camera. I photograph daily and share the photos to this blog and various places with a camera phone.

Ms. Jen’s Life List, for those of you who are curious.

:: Abouth This Blog ::

I started this blog in April 2003 as a way to both create online and showcase what I love most or what tickles my whimsy at the time. In the years since, this blog has gone through several major stages / trends.

As of the 2020s, this is a personal blog and only a personal blog. This blog is for me, my friends, and a few folks who trip in via a search and enjoy the place.

This is not a professional blog. This is NOT an avenue for your marketing or advertising. I don’t not do any paid blogging or influencing (the era of mobile blogging was killed dead in February 2011 by the CEOs of Nokia & MicroSquash).

If you email me a pitch, it will be deleted.

If this is hard to understand, please read this post from 2020 : Digital Fluffers -> Go Publish Your Own Blog

:: GDPR ::

This is a private, personal website. Because I don’t like web tracking you any more than you do, I have taken off all third party analytics from this website. I don’t not run ads or other trackers. If you have previously commented at this website and would like your comments removed, please contact me.

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Other fair use than quoting with link back to the blog post, all rights reserved on the images and text at blackphoebe.com. If you would like to use more than Fair Use text or to use any image at all, please contact me for licensing. Thank you.

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