NaBloPoMo 2022 : Time Lag

Rocky Horror Picture Show – Time Warp from Peter Radikal on Vimeo.

Mon 11.07.22 – This is not an ode to the Time Warp, which should be lauded extensively as a song and as a movie scene, but a dis-ode to the Time Lag / Jet Lag on top of some general energetic exhaustion.

I mentioned yesterday or maybe it was 25,861 Saturdays ago that I was having compounded jet log (3 time zones from East to West) on top of the Fall Back (1 hour) and was thus wiped out. This does not include the 4 weeks of driving up to the Pacific Northwest from California in the RV during October – Yes, California is SUPER LONG on a map and in real life driving – and then driving my Mom around Oregon, Washington, and Idaho (ugh. never ever ever ever going back there again ever). This whole adventure was 3,000 miles of driving on the RV’s odometer. I ended October exhausted and then flew back East for work this past week.

Now, I am in SoCal in a puddle of enervation at 5:40pm. I wanted to eat dinner at 3:26pm and be in bed by 5pm, but I am forcing myself to stay up for a few more hours. It took me a whole week to get on East Coast time, just in time to fly back to California. Honestly, I had always been crap at changing time zones, but it gets worse with each decade.

Dear Brain, HELLO! Wake Up! HELLO!

I have no good insights, only babbling of a time shifted brain. I wave at you as I slump further and further into my chair at 5:46pm…

This is Day 7 of #NaBloPoMo 2022.