NaBloPoMo 2022 : Sharp Dressed Man

Tues 11.29.22 – I have completely fallen down on my face in terms of posting daily to my blog this November, but… Le Sigh. I have no excuses except I am rusty at blogging and LIFE. I like posting several times a week, it suits me, so I will get out a brillo pad to scrub the rust off the blog and add some oil to the joints and gears.

In the meantime, I am sick with something. Back in the olden days, pre-March 2020, one could just feel sick with something and it was a cold until it became a visit to the doctor. But given the last few years, NOW IT HAS TO HAVE A NAME. Sorry, I am not going to the doctor for cough, sneezing, and tiredness. No, that is what NyQuil and Ricola are for.

So, add a little NyQuil, drink some bone broth, have some Vitamin C & D, and work on that PHP 5.4 to PHP 8 migration a bit a more…

After you get sick of the deprecation errors, start listening to guitar rock on YouTube, wherein you discover that Billy Gibbons is MUCH MUCH MUCH better with a lady singer and a kick kickass lady guitarist.

And the ladies know of which they sing.

Thank you, Orianthi.