NaBloPoMo 2022 : Five Years and Five Months of RV Nomad Life

Turtle the RV at Brown's Owens River Campground, Long Valley Caldera, Mono County, California

Fri. 11.04.22 – It has been five years and five months (nearly by a week or two) since I returned from a short trip to London where I bought a gently used motorhome / RV upon arrival in Southern California.

Ever since June 2017, I have had intentions to write about new life as a digital nomad in my gently used 23ft Sprinter Itasca Navion RV. Except life happened, the Thing in 2020-2021 happened, and how here we are Five Years and Five Months later.

I am not ready to relocate back into a box that people call a house or an apartment, but now five years later the shine has worn off and I am tired. I am mostly tired of traveling to and fro, of hot weather that defeats a poorly insulated RV, and high prices at RV parks. For the last year it has been cheaper to stay at a studio in London per day than to stay at a partial hook up in an RV park almost anywhere in the US West.

When London is cheaper than a paved RV park next to a highway, the world has gone wrong.

Funnily enough, some old tech friends in London in 2018 thought I was less than working class because I lived in an RV. I laughed at the time and I still laugh.

Living in an RV is no identifier of class, it is an identifier of settled vs. nomad. Wanderer vs. home owner. Work remote vs. work in an office. Since the Thing in 2020, lots of folks wander and work remote.

The world before The Thing is quite over. Lots of folks came untethered from their previous lives due to Covid, I just untethered myself a few years early. Just like I got Covid in January 2020 and beat the rush, in 2017 I beat the nomad rush.

This is the fourth daily post for #NaBloPoMo 2022.