Hi, My Name is Jen. And I Like Cold, A Lot.

Wed. 03.03.21 – For a year now, the world has been on fire and people are dying. The self same world has been getting hotter and hotter for years now, and honestly folks, said world has been on fire and rather shit for some years*.

I hate hot. I like it cold. My favorite sleeping weather is 28F – 39F with the windows open. I am dreadfully and deeply sad that my family settled in a warm, semi-arid climate.

But, even though the world is complete shit right now, the New York Times has given me some Hope. Real Live Hope.

Sign me up for the new (possible, maybe, kind of) Ice Age.

I am here for it. Me, my life time of blubber that never diets away, and my 3% Neanderthal DNA are ready.

* Most critics like to finger point at 1492 AD for the start of said world shit.