Climbing Through the Window

Bellflowers Climbing through the Window

Wed. 06.03.20 – Ever since mid-March and definitely since the start of lockdown, I have had fairly intense dreams and poor sleep. I will sleep a couple of hours, pop up from an intense dream, wander about, and try to sleep again. Disjointed sleep leaves me not as able to cope during daylight hours when I am supposed to be working, or communicating with family, or trying to pace myself, etc.

Last week I felt like the barometric pressure of life and society was getting too much. It felt like the the cork of coronavirus lockdown was about to pop right off the bottle and smash some stuff and spray lockdown juice everywhere.  And it did.

I thought it would be people overflowing at beaches or parks and not social distancing, yes it was that, but it was also US police killing black men.

Anyone who knows me in person and has really talked to me knows that I am antifa-adjacent and pro-clearing out the nazis. It used to be that it in our crowd, the LA/SoCal punk scene, that we were most concerned with kicking the white supremacists out of.

Now it is time to kick them out of the police and military.

I am not going to re-write everything that I have said over at the Twitters, but I will link to it.

May 28, 2020The last few days a vague, amorphous feeling of dread got focused into it all feels wrong today.

June 1, 2020“It’s 2020, man. That was supposed to be the future, you know what I mean? …But what you realize as you get older is that if you’re a black kid in America, the future….. it just isn’t about possibility like that.” via @skeskali

June 1, 2020 – [Thread of 5 posts] Since 2017 I have been a digital nomad living in a small gently used RV. I have done some boondocking with my 720w of solar on the roof, but parks & campgrounds with hookups are awesome. Until the thin blue line crew pulls in. The biggest jerks will fly this flag. 1/5
I put a California Flag Bear Republic sticker on my RV so they know where I stand.
I stand for justice that is just for all, not for the few.
I stand for a republic that is equal for all, not for some.
I stand for equal voting rights & access for all.
#BlackLivesMatter 5/5

There are more but they relate to other events of the last few days. Read the others if you wish. Or not.

Here is the point: If the United States means even a fraction of the bloviation that we have put out to the world about liberty, freedom, Christianity, and democracy, then it is time for us to walk out what we are preaching.  And we are not.

We are the that good church man who talks all this great talk wearing our pressed suit and shiny shoes only to go home and beat the wife and kids after drinking a fifth of vodka. We are hypocrites, liars, and murderers. It is time to clean our our house.

White, Christian America, I am looking at you. Do you actually believe in Jesus? Have you read the Sermon on the Mount? Do you want to live the real radical life of a disciple of Jesus Christ? Or is it easier to join up with the modern Pharisees who are lead by Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump?

White washed tombs are easier. But all they are inside is dead.

#BlackLivesMatter #IndigenousLivesMatter