Digital Fluffers -> Go Publish Your Own Blog

Thurs. 05.21.20 – Bizarrely, I have been getting emails from scam/marketing folk who want to publish on my blog. I delete the email. If they send again whining that I did not reply to them, I send them to the Spam Folder.


I find it deeply ironic that folks who are organized enough to gather the email addresses of bloggers and then send them fully worked out scam pitches do not or somehow cannot set up their own blog and publish their own thoughts to their own blogs or to their company’s website.

It is 2020. The world is on fire. People are dying. The world of internet fluffers and marginal marketers who get by on the digital equivalent of a hand job can f’off.

Do your own work. Write your blog. Work hard at gaining your own readers.

Don’t send me your pitches. This is my Personal Blog.

Personal means me and my friends and a few randos who land here due to the serendipity of links and searches, not you – oh marketing scum.

I blog for me and about 3-7 of my in real life friends. I worked hard over the last seven years at culling the previous herd of multiple herd of hundreds of readers down to tens.

It is 2020 and I want to connect with my real friends and potential new friends who like my photos / writing / pov.

No, you can’t publish your nonsense here. Go start your own blog.
No, just because I wrote about mobile phones in 2008 does not mean I will write about your company’s sun umbrellas in 2020.
No, I do not want you to connect me with a company who will pay me to … whatever.

And for my friends and folks who actually enjoy reading this blog in and of itself, I greatly appreciate you. I wave at you and hope all is well.