Construction Continues…

Tues. 05.19.20 – Construction continues around here. Or to keep up with yesterday’s metaphor, our 17 year old blog has decided on an outfit (Miniva) and then decided she was going to mix and match her colors and makeup into a form she liked better.

Big thanks to Smashing Magazine on how to dip into making your own child theme.

Last time I did this in 2014, I just customized the theme and never upgraded it. This was not good. I am now intrigued enough with the whole child theme adventures, that I might make some tweaks to the functionality.

Oh, so starts the blackhole event horizon of PHP dev…

Next up on the Construction To Do List:

1) Fix why both the featured photo and the large photo are showing up in posts with photos even though I have not set a full-length photo to go the whole width of the header. The featured photo is for the RSS feed and the front page, not to show two of the same things on the individual post page.

This is one of the reasons why WordPress drives me crazy, way too overly maximized. Gah.

2) Get the Archives page working again.