Shopping in the Time of Covid-19

Today, I went to the supermarket.

There was very little meat left on the refrigerated shelves, so I asked the butcher for a small portion of ground beef. As he was wrapping it up, a woman came up to the meat counter declaring loudly, “They have it and they are here! Shopping for food! Why!”

My brain couldn’t process what she was saying and the question the butcher was asking me. I nodded to him.

I took my package and walked off to find the line for the cash registers.

The line for the cashiers was over a 100 people long with completely full shopping cards. I stood with a half full small shopping basket on my arm and waited. I moved up as the line moved.

As I got to mid-line, all of the sudden two people wearing full hazmat gear and respirators were escorted to the front of the line.

The whole line backed up fast.

I turned to the security guard near me and said, “The Whole World has gone insane.”

He nodded. “Mad, simply barking mad.”