November 5th : National Random Talking Dude Day

Tues. 11.05.19 – Today I had places to be, errands to run, check lists to check off, and friends to visit in LA… Of which, then I had a rash of random men stop me at each errand to talk about something.

The first two men were EV Prius Prime curious and wanted to know if the car was really worth the extra $3k beyond the standard Toyota Prius.

Me: Yes, it really is. Truly. It is amazing. Yes, it is plugged in at this free Volta EV Charger here at this shopping center. Yes, I have gotten up to 124 mpg on a tank of 10 gallons of gas. Yes, in that instance, I drove for three weeks around SoCal without stopping for gas. Yes, the average is around 80mpg when I can’t charge as much. No, I don’t have access to a charger at home.

etc etc etc.

On my third stop, when I had less than 10 minutes before I had to get on the road to drive an hour to LA to visit dear friends, I met the TALKING CREEPER DUDE.

At first Creeper Dude was just overly friendly 65+ SoCal granddad guy, then when I walked out to my car to leave, he followed me and kept touching me.

Ah. No.

I have lived in LA for just over half a century. I know this guy. I have met many iterations of this guy and they all stink.

I very nicely listed off my 36 years of photographic experience from punk rock to rock worlds, published magazines, early digital days, and all the years of Nokia travel – of which was all without his help – and then said:

“Now, I don’t do paid photo work. I drive out to the desert and take photos of the stars as a meditative exercise for me. Not for money, but for me.”

Then the f’er tried to kiss my wrist.

Oh. Hells. No.

I got in my car and drove off.

Then by the Grace of All of the Deities that rule SoCal/LA traffic, I got to Culver City in less than 50 minutes from Huntington Beach. Shocking.