This is a Blog Post

Warning: Word Usage Geekery Ahead…

This is a blog post. All the blog posts compiled together are a blog.

It drives me slightly nuts when people call a blog post a blog. You are writing and posting to a blog, thus it is a blog post.

One does not call one deer a herd. Nor does one call a crow a murder, nor a dog a pack. To have a herd of deer, one needs more than 3 or 4 deer – plural. One needs at least 3 or 4 dogs to have a pack. Multiple crows to have a murder. etc.

For the folks who write blog to indicate a singular instance, one wonders what they call a plural or grouping or compilation of said singular instanctiation? Can’t be a blog can it?

2 thoughts on “This is a Blog Post

    1. The folks who use the word ‘blog’ when they mean ‘blog post’ generally tend to be non-tech folk. But I am not mocking them, I just want to clarify the word usage.
      I don’t have a lawn for folks to get off of. ;o)

      Happy New Year, Roland.

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