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All Soul’s Day, or I Miss These Ladies

1960 or 1961 - Great Aunt Babe, Great Grandma Rachel, and Grandma Grace

Wed 11.02.16 – Today is All Soul’s Day and while I am not a Roman Catholic – I find the idea of Purgatory to be quite alien – I do enjoy the days of Allhallowtide. At my Grandpa Jim’s Catholic funeral a few weeks ago, it was the priest’s reciting of the faithful dead’s names that sent tears falling down my face, particularly that my Grandma Grace’s name (first of four wives and a Protestant) was included in the list. Five an a half years later, I still miss my Grandma Grace something fierce.

Today, on All Soul’s Day, I give you three very awesome, independent ladies in 1960 or 1961: my Great Aunt Babe, my Great Grandma Rachel, and my Grandma Grace when they flew to Detroit from LA to pick up a brand new blue Cadillac and drive it all the way back to LA themselves. I like to imagine their road trip as a gun-free and slightly more proper version of Thelma and Louise.

5 Responses to “All Soul’s Day, or I Miss These Ladies”

  1. Ms. Jen

    Thanks, Stephen. This is one of my favorite family photos of all time, next to my young aunts leaning over a boat to pet a sea lion.

  2. roland

    also welcome back kotter 🙂 er i mean jen! good to have you back in the saddle blogging regularly!