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Macro Experiment: Feverfew Flowers with Beetles

Macro Experiment: Feverfew Flowers with Beetles

Thurs 06.02.16 – My Mom’s garden is quite profuse with flowers of every sort right now. Near the steps to go up to the front porch, she has a spot of the herb feverfew growing. The last few times I have walked by, I have seen these tiny little bugs on the small white and yellow flowers. Today I decided to bring out my wide manual macro lens and the macro extension tubes to see if I could capture what the little beetles really looked like.

The little black and white lady beetles are lovely.

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nikon D800 and a manual Nikon 24mm AIS lens with a macro extension tube on it.

Sometimes a Miracle

“Sometimes it seems to me a miracle that so many worlds exist on the same planet and don’t fall inside one another and collapse. How do we do it? Even more so in the age of social media, where everything exists all of the time.” – Deepti Kapoor, in the essay – My Indian Passport is a Bitch