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110 / 105 Freeway Interchange

Fri 06.13.14 – I have made a few too many trips to and fro Los Angeles this week and am now officially knackered. But this afternoon, as I drove southbound on the 110, I set the Nokia Lumia 1020’s camera focus to infinity and took two nice photos the 110 / 105 freeway interchange. I love the impossibly tall and sweeping carpool lane flybys that soars two or more levels over the ground floor of the 110 freeway and the second story of the 105 freeway.

If you like a good, complex interchange the way I do, go look at this 2011 article from KCET on the 110/101 freeway interchange with some great photos from the early 1950s when it was first built.

Net Neutrality Explained Brilliantly by John Oliver

Net Neutrality explained brilliantly by John Oliver on his new show, Last Week Tonight. Watch the video to both laugh and be educated on a very important issue.

Great quotes from the video, plus a wee bit of commentary from me:

“Maybe, Maybe it is because of their lack of competition that we get such shitty service…” – John Oliver on Cable / Internet providers in the U.S. – “Yet, and yet, the download speeds we get lag behind Estonia!”

This is all too true. My best speed from TimeWarner broadband was 34 mbps down and 5 mbps up. Last summer when I was in Helsinki, my rented apartment’s wifi was 76 mpbs down and 54 up. Lick that TWC.

“O.M.G. How are you still SO DULL!!!! And that is the problem, the Cable companies have figured out the great truth of America: If you want to do something evil put it inside something boring. Apple could put the entire text Mein Kampf inside of the iTunes user agreement and you just go… Agree.. Agree… Agree…”

“This is the moment you have been made for…” – John Oliver on Internet Commenters

It is time for all of us to ask our government to break up the monopoly of one cable provider per city. Go make your comments at, go do it now!