Big Week and Some in the Neighborhood(s)

Wed 04.23.14 – On top of going to Chicago last Tuesday for the HERE Human Automative Driving half day of demos and presentations, on Thursday I moved house.

It took until Sunday mid-afternoon to finish moving things about, settling in, and getting my energy back. This week is all about catching up with client work, some writing, and also job searching.

But why move? It was time for me to leave Seal Beach, between the sea damp mold issues that just kept coming back and the distance to clients, it was time to leave. For the next month I am house sitting in LA, but looking to re-locate to where the job market is better for tech folk, be it San Francisco/Silicon Valley, West LA, or Seattle, or …

Right now I would love to move to a vibrant urban(ish) area where one can walk to most of what one needs and where the tech and art scenes are alive.

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