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Fri. 02.07.14 – After dropping Scruffy off at the North Tustin Vet clinic to have more tests done, Belle and I went for a walk at Irvine Regional Park. It was very damp and misty this morning due to rain last night.

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia Lumia 1020.

È finito

È finito.

Truly it is finished.

Many things have died or have been on life support the last few years and as of today, they are finished.

The funny dream that I had early last summer, long before any announcements, that a dashing Indian born man would become CEO of Microsoft, and not a certain platform burner, came true today.  I am amused that I have predictive dreams about people I will never meet.  Life is truly funny.

On to a new beginning, shall we?