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A play on words, or I should go out and take more sun-pixels

I love the web comic xkcd, as it is so much more than a comic with layers of commentary and critique – some so grokkingly subtle. Yesterday’s xkcd was a delightful, gentle play on words – Winter:
Today, the Economist has an article on English Purism: What might have been, which is channeling a more explanatory side of xkcd’s word play. The Economist is delightful in their own way:

“Any language in contact with other languages borrows words. And English has always been, of course, a master borrower. A west Germanic language brought over with the Angles, Saxons and Jutes, it first took a lot of Norse from invading Vikings, then even more French from the Norman conquerors of 1066. When the English later themselves became conquerors, they promiscuously took on words from languages all around the world. And as science and medicine advanced, English writers took to coining words from Greek and Latin roots.
Barnes, who wrote poems in his Dorset dialect, didn’t like this. He thought the English showed no self-respect when they reached to classical languages to make learned words. He deplored the loss of old Anglo-Saxon words like inwit, earthtillage and bodeword, replaced by conscience, agriculture and commandment. And where terms had to be coined for new things, Barnes wanted them to be created from Anglo-Saxon roots: he recommended sun-print as a calque for the Greek-derived photograph (“light-writing”).”

I love spacelight for the sun, inwit for conscience, little flappers for birds, whale-road for the sea, and sun-print for photograph.
Although, what should we call a digital still photograph? Sun-pixels?

Big Surf in Seal Beach

Fri 01.24.14 – Here is a 30 second (top) and a 2 min (bottom) video from this morning’s big surf at Seal Beach, mostly 6-9ft with occasional sets and cross-over ‘A’ frames at double to triple overhead. The Seal Beach Lifeguards were out in full force, keeping the boogie boarders to the right of their trucks and the surfers in the contest to the left.
As I say in the 2nd video, most of the time the surf is tiny in Seal Beach, with the exception of a beach break. We get bigger surf like this morning’s about once every few years, with the last good big surf in 2007 and 2008.
Not only was there a very rare ‘outside’ break by the southern jetty, but occasionally a few big waves would break 1 km out at Esther the Oil Platform. And one set this morning even had waves big enough to be 2/3rds the height of the pier.
Please forgive my bad commentary and panning in the 2nd video, I rarely shoot video and am not very good. Also, forgive any atmospheric haze or lack of clarity, as it was foggy and the fog horn was blowing its little heart out.
But it was good fun standing on the berm with a couple of hundred other folk this morning, and it was quite the party with locals, other surfers, the old guys making comments, pro photographers with their huge lenses, and folks cheering on the brave (or foolish) out in the waves.
Here are a few photos that I sent up in the moment to Twitter and Instagram.
The surf at Seal Beach is awesome and all the pros are out – the pro photographers with the super teles…
Southside Seal is a party…
Broken in half
Breaking inside and outside
Overflowing wave making folks run
Both videos and still shots taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia Lumia 1020.

A Visit to the Galleta Meadows Sculptures

Mom and the Eagle's Nest sculpture, Galleta Meadows
Elephants, Galleta Meadows Cactus, Anza-Borrego State Park Detail of the Eagle's Nest sculpture, Galleta Meadows

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nikon D800 and various lenses.

Sun 01.19.14 – Yesterday, my Mom, Scruffy, and I drove to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and Borrego Springs via a circuitous route through Oceanside, Pala, the Pauma Valley, Julian, and then finally over the mountains eastbound to the Anza-Borrego State Park and Borrego Springs in northeastern San Diego county.
I wanted to see the desert and its flora, my Mom wanted to go see the Galleta Meadows sculptures that ring the outskirts of Borrego Springs.
We started out from Huntington Beach at 10am and I dropped my Mom back off at 10pm. While a bit of a whirlwind, and yes we probably should have stayed in Borrego Springs, but I am glad we went. The Galleta Meadows sculptures were fun, the food at Carmelita’s was good, and the stars / Milky Way we saw driving east towards the Salton Sea were amazing.
Next time I want to spend more time exploring the upper Anza-Borrego desert and go hiking in the Palm canyon area.

Well… That was nice… Not really.

Thurs 01.09.14 – Sorry about the radio silence from in the last 24+ hours, but I am trying to set up a separate portfolio site on a sub-domain and instead got a full meltdown of the whole domain.
And it took many hours to resolve. Gah.
But is now back! Updates and new stuffs coming very soon!
I know you are holding your breath in anticipation.