Life by the Vending Machines

The Vending Machines at Sunset

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia Lumia 1020.

“They are _____.” – CJ said after listening the young men by the vending machine talk.
“How do you know? It is their accent?” – I ask.
“It is everything.”

Sometime in late August, ladies wearing the full abayas, niqabs, and hijabs walked by my patio behind the fellows that CJ had declared _____.
A few days later, the whole group convened at the vending machines, chatting happily and loudly and the face veils were gone, leaving me to see that the ladies were quite young – college aged.
A week or so after that, the ladies came to the machines on their own, this time wearing jeans, long blousy shirts, and fashionable scarves as hijabs.
By late September, all veils, scarves, and black coverings were gone and the young ladies were wearing standard California jeans and t-shirts.
This morning, the young ladies and gentlemen were walking out to the bus stop as I was walking the dogs. One of the ladies was dressed in a pair of low rider jeans, a pink tshirt, and pink Hurley beanie. The pink beanie was very jaunty.
The tallest of the girls said – “Hi!”
“Hi!” – I said back.
The tallest girl recently had all her black, shiny, wavy hair cut off into a bob and was wearing a Juicy couture brown velour hoodie and a pair of cut off jean short shorts.
Welcome to California!