Help an Artist Take a Big Leap: Contribute Dan Rubin’s Photo Studio

Mon 11.11.13 – Have you thought about about telling your current life to bug off while you take a flying leap into the new life you have been dreaming about only to be held back by a set of circumstances?
Photographer, designer, and all around great creative Dan Rubin is currently, due to a set of circumstances and wanting to make a leap into a new photography life, running an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds to start his photo studio and in return you get to choose a few amazing printed art photos.
Yes, you don’t have to look at blank walls in your rooms anymore. Instead you could have original art prints in teurn for supporting a photographer to take his big leap in life.
I have known Dan for about 8 years through the web design / dev conference circuit and we have been talking about our mutual passions for photography, design, life, travel, and mobile for years. The last time we got to hang out we talked so long about photography we were both in mid-sentence when I had to leave off at Liverpool Station in London for the last train.
I respect Dan, I respect his art, his process and his character. Getting your rental car broken and your stuff stolen into while visiting one’s ill father sucks. I had my apartment in Boston broken into twice in 1995-1997 and had all my photography gear plus more stolen, not only is it horrible but when your creative outlet is also gone. But…
I also admire Dan for being willing to leap towards a creative career in photography and shift away from a full-time design career.
Shall we help Dan leap?