It is Ponds All the Way Down

In late September a friend was telling me about a big event he was inviting photographers and influencers to. He was very excited about inviting “Insert_Name_of_Photographer_Here”. I was happy for him, smiled and nodded but had no idea who he was talking about.
Then my new issue of the PPA magazine came and had big ad for “Insert_Name_of_Photographer_Here”‘s workshops. I looked at it and thought, “Oh, that’s the guy that _____ was so excited about.” Huh. Flip page, move on.
Today, Nasim Mansurov did a write up on the Photo Plus Expo that occurred in NYC this past week. As I read Nasim’s review, I saw the name of “Insert_Name_of_Photographer_Here” and my first thought was, “No wonder I have never heard of this guy, he is a Canon shooter.”
This made me think out loud the reality that I can’t keep up with everyone who does everything and that my personal photography interests are with friends who I have met, Nokia, Nikon, film, and quirky photographers. Other than Petapixel, I don’t read any of the big news photo blogs like fStoppers or Strobist or the like.
The power of the internet is that you can find your people group and also have a depth of knowledge in a thin slice but not know everyone on the planet who is doing that activity. None of us can, there are too many spheres of influence and interests for any one person to know everything in a field of contemporary knowledge.
I am excited for my friend that he is able to hook such big fish for his client, but really people, it is small ponds all the way down.