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Photos from Social Media Week LA

Hanging out with Tejal, Challey, Ms. Jen, Claire, and Josephina at Bar Pinxto
Jason Harris making announcements before my Mobile Photography Master Class Al, the best model for a mobile photography class Sylvia and a besuited gentlemen at the AT&T store class Mary and Alex at the Nokia happy hour Wonderful color and light at Tinga The lovely Mary & Joseph at the Nokia happy hour Pablo Tin ceiling at Tinga Jeb being silly Jason sniffing the shots to determine which is tequila and which is water Leah, Jason, and Josephina at Tinga Josephina, Henrik, and Tejal The entry archway at Tinga The Gentlemen: George, Sam, Jason, and Timi Al at Bar Pinxto, note the fabulous pants and shirt George and Tejal SMW's Eric and Tejal Sam and I, note how darned tall Sam is - or short I am... ;o) Tejal, George, and I

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia Lumia 1020

Thurs 09.26.13 – Yesterday’s Social Media Week LA was a wonderful day and evening. I truly enjoyed presenting both the Mobile Photography Master Class at the SMWLA ROC venue and at the beginning session at the Santa Monica AT&T store.
After the AT&T store presentation, Nokia sponsored a SMWLA Happy Hour at Tinga’s bar. After that, a group of us went to stand up dinner at Bar Pintxo, where in George Salecedo, Sam Sabri, Timi Cantisano and others joined us. The conversations about mobile, photography, social, and the joy there of were delightful.
The most amusing part of the evening is when Tejal and I went outside to try taking night low light photos when a tall purple hair fellow stumbled out of the bar next door and WANTED TO TALK to us about the Nokia Lumia 1020. He was both entranced by the idea of such a great camera phone but then wanted to know if we had climbed up on roofs to take spying photo with the Lumia 1020?
The amusing part to me was his perception that the Lumia 1020 was a spy camera and this worried him, then he pulled out his brand spanking new iPhone 5s and bragged about the TouchID fingerprint reader. He didn’t sense the disconnect as he jovially said goodbye and stumbled down the street to his next engagement. Blessings.
Thank you to everyone who attended one or both of the Mobile Photography presentations that I gave at SMWLA 2013. I hope you are inspired to go and take more photos with your own camera phone.