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Sunday TidBits: Delete, A Class of her Own, Farming, and love letters to Nokia

Sun 09.15.13 – Various and sundry bits from around the internet that are worth your time:
1) She Makes War has a spot on layered vocals-only song & video (above) called “Delete” about one’s life online. After nearly 20 years online, I would like to delete bits of myself.
2) More Intelligent Life on Humaira Bachal’s fight for her own education and then schools for many others in her community of Moach Goth on the edge of Karachi, Pakistan. This is both a tear-jerker and absolutely inspiring story, go read it:

“Humaira was 13 when a crazy idea struck her. “My mother used to get us ready every day, tie two ponytails for us, put 2-kilo schoolbags on our backs and send us off. We would walk for 20 minutes–but on the way not one other child in this settlement would join us. One, they did not have money, and two, nobody considered girls to be anything. Those who didn’t mind sending girls to school couldn’t afford to, because of fees, and the cost of books and uniforms. By then I was in sixth standard [the equivalent of year eight in Britain]. I thought, I’m a big star, I know everything, so I will teach them myself!”
What would become the Dream Model Street School began in 2001, with one blackboard, at home. Humaira taught ten friends of her age, seven of them girls. She started with the alphabet, in Urdu and English, and proceeded to the names of things. She supplied blank pages from her own notebooks, until it got her into trouble with her teachers. Then the friends went round asking people to donate paper, or bought scrap.
Soon, Tahira, who was 11, and three other girls were teaching alongside Humaira. “We were militant about time. Time for study, time for play, time to eat–and time to go out and recruit. We didn’t have the sense to realise we didn’t have space, books, teachers, money. We went around to houses, telling people, ‘We’ve opened a school, send your children, you must send your children!'””

3) Mother Jones’ reports on how Ohio farmer David Brandt is having great success with the old trick of crop rotation with legumes as well as not tilling the soil between crops, sounds dull but it isn’t. The future of our food and topsoil depends on experienced farmers speaking out.
4) Jay Montano says Thank you to Nokia in “Kiitos, Nokia, and Nokia fans. Love,“, which is a love letter to the last 6 plus years of Nokia’s mobile history.
5) C. Enrique Ortiz bets that Nokia’s future will be bright because they will be able to focus on the upcoming mobile lifestyle use case in “Betting on Nokia“.
Happy Sunday and may your upcoming week be delightful.

DIY Macro Experiments

DIY Macro Local Flower

Fri 09.13.13 – After seeing today’s In Focus of macro photos of insects, I decided to try the trick of taking a manual 50mm lens, flipping it around, holding it up to my Nikon D800’s body and then shooting.
After a few duds with light leaks, I lowered the ISO, turned on some lights, and set the manual lens to f1.4 and to the closest 0.3m focus.
How did I focus? I turned Live View on on the Nikon D800 and then gently moved back and forward as one hand held the lens up to the camera body and the other pressed the shutter.
The photos turned out very dreamy, which I like but not quite as macro or sharp as some of the tutorials on line for DIY Macro with a 50mm lens. I didn’t make a toilet paper extension tube or use an adapter or compound lenses or create my own reverse adapter with a body cap and a filter, I just did it DIY spontaneous by holding the reversed 50mm manual lens up to the naked camera body.
Big thanks to Scruffy McDoglet for staying still and my local patio plant for only gently waving in the wind.
Here is my Flickr DIY Macro Photos from today’s experiment.

Escape the Camera!

Scruffy, Exiting the Photo Shoot

Fri 09.13.13 – Scruffy McDoglet is a good sport when it comes to posing for my camera experiments, especially when it is his afternoon naptime, but today he had enough and escaped.
Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nikon D800 with the Nikon 85mm f/1.8D lens.

UnleashTV Special- Microsoft buys Nokia (Smart Devices Division)

Mon 09.02.13 – This evening Nokia and Microsoft announced that MSFT is buying Nokia phones division, leaving networks, maps, and Advanced Tech/R&D to Nokia Oy.
Immediately Clinton Jeff messaged me asking if I would join and Unleash the Phones UnleashTV Special on the Microsoft and Nokia deal.
The above video is our UnleashTV Special broadcast. Language, esp at the beginning, is NSFW.
My take away is that I find it interesting that Microsoft/Nokia deal talks failed earlier in the summer, Ballmer announces early retirement last week, and now Microsoft/Nokia deal is back on. Fascinating.