DIY Macro Experiments

DIY Macro Local Flower

Fri 09.13.13 – After seeing today’s In Focus of macro photos of insects, I decided to try the trick of taking a manual 50mm lens, flipping it around, holding it up to my Nikon D800’s body and then shooting.
After a few duds with light leaks, I lowered the ISO, turned on some lights, and set the manual lens to f1.4 and to the closest 0.3m focus.
How did I focus? I turned Live View on on the Nikon D800 and then gently moved back and forward as one hand held the lens up to the camera body and the other pressed the shutter.
The photos turned out very dreamy, which I like but not quite as macro or sharp as some of the tutorials on line for DIY Macro with a 50mm lens. I didn’t make a toilet paper extension tube or use an adapter or compound lenses or create my own reverse adapter with a body cap and a filter, I just did it DIY spontaneous by holding the reversed 50mm manual lens up to the naked camera body.
Big thanks to Scruffy McDoglet for staying still and my local patio plant for only gently waving in the wind.
Here is my Flickr DIY Macro Photos from today’s experiment.