Sunday Tidbits

A few short thoughts for a Sunday evening:
1) I like how friends and family when they lose my email or phone number they can’t seem to find it online or find how to contact me at all, but SEO and other link ‘specialists’ always seem to find my email and Google Voice number even when they are not listed. Amazing. Not.
2) Daft Punk: This summer’s big pop hit by Daft Punk “Get Lucky” illustrates why up to this point Daft Punk has been mostly instrumental electro-DJ outfit with occasional very modified robotic vocals, because even with autotune Mr. Daft Singer sings flat. So much so, that I have to turn the song off about 1/3 of the way into the lyrical verse. If you can’t sing in tune even with auto tune, just say no and go instrumental.
3) I know I have lamented about this before in a tidbit, but why do I only seem to remember to get a haircut on Sunday or Monday when the salon I go to is closed?